YouTube Deletes Major Second Amendment Press Conference Video, Fails!

YouTube Deletes Major Second Amendment Press Conference Video, Fails! Featured

YouTube Admits Its Disdain For Free Speech By Deleting Press Conference Video
Causes Internet Deputy News To Offer Site To All Freedom Loving Video Creators
By:Jake Fogg 

 It is said that the right to bear arms insures the freedom speech, but YouTube has decided against both. Cody Wilson,   publisher of 3-D printed gun plans, has been censored by the court, and now by YouTube, who banned a press conference   video (shown in this article) from his account.  

 According to Washington Free Beacon, Wilson said that the video-sharing platform banned the video which announced that   he would be selling the gun blueprints as well as a fundraising for his continuing legal battle over the publication of the   same blueprints.

The press release came the day after a ruling in which Judge Robert S. Lasnik openly admitted to abridging Wilson’s First  Amendment right, a strict violation of the Constitution. Lasnik ruled that the 3-D gun plan producer was allowed to send plans via email, but not upload them directly to the internet, thus begging the question, “how does a user send files via email without uploading to the internet?”

The press conference that YouTube deleted was attended by mainstream leftist media sources including the New York Times and AP.  According to Wilson, “YouTube removed my fundraising video and my press conference. They’re saying it’s promotion of the sale of firearms.”

But, the press conference video was not the only video taken down by YouTube from Wilson’s Channel. In fact every video that he had related to his products had been removed. An August 31 email from YouTube to Wilson’s company, Defense Distributed explained that the press conference video was “flagged” for review. 

According to YouTube, the platform decided that the video was in violation of their community standards.  A YouTube spokesperson said the following to Washington Free beacon that it pulled the video because the Leftist-Google-controlled platform is against anything that promotes the sale of firearms.

"We routinely make updates to our policy enforcement guidelines," said the spokesperson, who refused to give his name. "In March, we notified creators of planned updates around content facilitating the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories, giving them several months to review their accounts and remove violative content. The accessories include those that convert a firearm to automatic fire (e.g., bump stocks, gatling triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits), and high capacity magazines (i.e., magazines or belts carrying more than 30 rounds). Channels who still have content that violates these policies will start to have those videos removed and may have strikes applied to their account."

Essentially, YouTube is against anything that is firearms related and is an anti-Second Amendment organization. It can only be assumed that the leftist platform must necessarily be against the First Amendment as well. While being a private organization, the company indeed exempt from both amendments, but its choice to allow leftist violence against the right to be outright condoned shows that is has made its position clear.  

Not all is lost, however. Another copy of the video has been acquired from the platform before it might get deleted again and the news reporting site, has released it in this article. 

Internet Deputy has made the public statement that any person who believes in liberty the second amendment can have their video posted to its web site. 

Internet Deputy has recently partnered with another website to create the newest social media company to combat the leftist titans Facebook and Twitter. Since Alex Jones had his content taken down from all the major social media platforms, conservatives have been flocking to site,, where they are free to “speak Liberty”.

In June of this year Internet Deputy reported on the YouTube platform’s Creators for Change promotion helps video creators advance their material. However, the program, which works with the United Nations, has ensured that not a single conservative or right-leaning creator was part of it. In fact the content is predominately a full-on leftist-feminist movement.

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