Woodland Park Farmers Market NOT A Reflection Of Its President Featured

Woodland Park Farmers Market NOT A Reflection Of Its President
The Non-Profit Organization Is Non-Partisan and Benefits Many In The Community 
By:Jake Fogg 

To the readers and the community of Woodland Park, Colarado:

Internet Deputy is dedicated to reporting the news that is often not reported, whether it be an exclusive story or an angle not covered in the mainstream media.

On July 25, 2017, one such story highlighted the ill behavior of the president of the Farmers Market in the community of Woodland Park, Colorado.

Internet Deputy stands by the facts of the story, but would like to state the following for the record:

While Steve Storrs’ behavior did happen as per the article, he is not a reflection of the community. No person or organization within, or affiliated with the Farmer’s Market endorsed the actions of its president. The little open air market has become an institution within the community and should not be

associated with this behavior.

The market is made up of several upstanding citizens who have worked hard for years to develop it into what it is today. It is unfair to assume that one man is a reflection of an organization that is friendly and welcomes its citizens with open arms.

According to the Teller County Republican Party chairman, Erik Stone, the market is non-partisan organization in spite of the political affiliation and action of its president. “It is a great asset not only to the community, but a great opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded to make and sell products.”

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