Vermont Elects To Keep White Man In Charge Of The State!

Vermont Elects To Keep White Man In Charge Of The State! Featured

Vermont Elects To Keep White Man In Charge Of The State!
Gubernatorial Primary Pits Man With Mental Disorder Against Soft Leftist 

Vermont Democrats voted for “diversity” yesterday by voting for mentally ill gubernatorial candidate Dave Hallquist.  Hallquist, who goes by his transgendered name “Christine” beat out female Democrat contender Brenda Siegel , thus ensuring that a white male will still be in charge of the state.

 At the same time, Republican voters kept the incumbent, anti second amendment Governor Phil Scott.

Both contenders will face off in a battle for the governor’s office in November. Sadly, the Democrat community has ignored the empirical evidence that shows that transgenders suffer from a mental condition known as Gender Dysphoria that should be addressed. Instead, the leftist ideology demands that these mentally ill people be included in a civil-rights debate as a “normal part of society”.

More alarming is the choice that the Democrat electorate makes in choosing its leaders based on their color, sexual preference, or national origin. Dave Hallquist has little experience in politics, but has been a non-profit CEO in a government-aligned electric coop.  Halquist subscribes to the main ideas of the leftist ideology announcing that if he wins, will connect every home in Vermont to high-speed internet.

Seeking to capitalize on the “free stuff” rhetoric of the left, Hallquist integrated his need to knock on “twice the amount of doors” in order to highlight that “there’s a lot of areas of Vermont that we don’t have internet to.” Obviously the statement was a slam on the state for not having free internet to every house and business.

Ironically, Hallquist’s primary win will pit him against the very person for whom he voted in the previous Gubernatorial election.  According to Dave Halquist he “knew Phil Scott for many years”.  Halquist claims that now he regrets voting for Scott and “is making up for it now.”

It appears that Phil Scott may not be all that different from Dave Halquist. In spite of being a Republican, Scott signed gun-control legislation in April of this year. Using the Florida school shooting to his advantage, Scott signed the controversial bill into law, echoing the sentiments of the Democrats all over that state while infuriating his own constituents.

His anti-second amendment stance has left hard feelings with many  in his base who now see him as a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) and an Elite not in touch with those who believe in liberty. Some Second Amendment supporters also know him is “Plipper”.

 Scott acknowledged the distrust after his primary win in a speech by saying , “I want to thank those Republicans who have stuck with me through thick and thin and all those who have put aside partisanship to engage in the primary.”

Some may see this as a “win” for progressives, but the outcome of Dave Hallquist has some leftists confused as it tries to determine if this isn’t really just another example of “White men in charge of Vermont politics”, as outlined in an article by Burlington Free Press. There may be some truth to that as Democrat voters did indeed choose Hallquist over Brenda Siegel by a two-to one margin.  

In addition Dave Hallquist also remarked in the past that he was unaware of female hierarchy until he transitioned. However, it is difficult for him to actually stand by that statement as he was a DEO when he transitioned and remained one thereafter.   This may also puzzle the feminists in the state who may see his transgenderism as a way to disguise internal feelings of patriarchy.

Essentially the upcoming election in November will be an example of the “soft left” versus the “hard left”.

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