Trump Wins Again! Leftists Eating Themselves! Featured

Trump Wins Again! Leftists Eating Themselves!
After Weekend of Protests and Shutdown, Extremists Are Angry With Their Party
By:Jake Fogg 

On Monday, January 23, the United States Senate voted to reopen the government at least until February 8th.

While this is a clear victory for the White House as well as the Republican party, the Democrat back-down has created outrage among many progressive extremists.

The anti-freedom publication Politico reported that “liberal activists are furious with Democrat senators” for reopening the federal government without legalizing Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA) immigrants.

Senator Chuck Schumer’s statement on Monday was an attempt to appear as if a beneficial arrangement was reached with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But in reality it was to ensure a vote on DACA would occur by the 8th of February if no agreement had been reached by then.

A “vote” on DACA is in no way an agreement that ensures anything the Democrats are seeking regarding the issue. Thus, Schumer, who was originally using government funding as leverage to obtain DACA amnesty, gained nothing in this deal. This has created anger among extremist Progressive-Democrat supporters.

Several leftist group-heads have outwardly slammed Schumer and the Democrat party for giving in to the Republican party. The hashtag campaign #SchumerSellout was started on Twitter by anti freedom extremists to voice their opposition to what they see as a betrayal of constituents.

Murshed Zaheed, of CREDO Action used that exact hashtag in an interview with Politico.  

One of the Directors of another leftist activist group Indivisible tweeted her disdain for the lack of “masculinity” exhibited by the Senate Democrats. Citing the protests that occurred over the weekend, she also tweeted, “Your constituents want you to fight. How can you possibly not understand that?”

This has frustrated many on the left who push for mass migration of poor uneducated people. Although the progressive leftists portray themselves as “caring” for illegal aliens, the idea is to maintain a permanent underclass and therefore a stronger voting base. It has never been the intention to encourage migrants to become self-supporting or successful.  

California is an example of what these activists aspire to. The Democrat-controlled welfare state now holds the title “Poverty Capital of the United States”. One in three welfare recipients in the U.S. reside within the state’s borders.

Boasting itself as the world’s sixth largest economy, California actually pays illegal immigrants to live there via tax-payer funds and then allows them to vote for the people who claim to “love and support” them—the Democrats. The one-party control has caused a shrinking middle class, tremendous regulatory corruption, and a loss of freedom and liberty.

Ben Wikler a director of the Communist group called the reopening of the government a “joke deal” in an interview.

Cristina Jiminez of United We Dream, ranted on Twitter saying that “Dems failed to fight &use their leverage…” She also warned “We won’t be fooled. This vote means deportation.”

Many of these leftist leaders participated in or encouraged the weekend protests. But there is a good chance that a number of them don’t see it in the same way the protestors they incite do. Rather than being genuinely concerned with the welfare of the illegal aliens, people like Jiminez and Wikler both see the power that has been acquired by Democrats in Blue states like California and seek to engage in the same.

Sadly, protestors who think they are supporting worthy causes are really doing so at their own peril. They have been persuaded to believe so-called “movement” leaders. Linda Sarsour is one such leader who has managed to completely lie to many in the leftist-feminist community.

To the knowledgeable skeptic, Sarsour herself is relatively obvious in her intentions. She is one of the heads of the “Women’s March” movement and leads women who think that they are protesting “evil masculinity” , “patriarchy”,  or unfair pay, while simultaneously supporting the idea of Sharia Law.

It is worthy to note just how large a desception this is. Sharia, by definition is literally a form of slavery that, in most places it is practiced, requires full submission to men and allows women virtually no personal freedom. In addition, Sarsour is also backed by the terrorist organization Council of American Islam Relations (CAIR-Hamas) who has been caught funneling aide and money to Islamic terrorist organizations who engage in horrifying acts against women.

The outrage of progressives against the Democrat party demonstrates just how far left the expectation for the Democrat party has become. The complicit mainstream media itself, while alleging to be an "objective" source, aids in the extremism that has come to signify the so-called liberal party. Regardless of how organizational heads try to portray it, the truth it that the direction that their "activism" leads is toward a path of destruction that, if allowed to continue, will be a certain to liberty in the United States. 


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