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Anti-"Western" Journalists Use Nazi Tactics
Left Uses Trump Poland Speech as Propaganda to Promote Hatred

By: Jake Fogg


President Donald Trump addressed the Polish people in Warsaw on Wednesday, July 5th by giving a speech that not only reasserted the United States’ alliance with the country, but also sent a powerful message that enraged many in the alt-left media.

Poland received praise from President Trump, who highlighted the country’s struggle to overcome tyrannical government invasions and occupations of the past. But, Trump’s speech also showed solidarity with Poland and indirectly attacked many of its European neighbors who have recently criticized the country.

Poland has recently come under fire from some of its European neighbors for not allowing refugees into the country. Poland maintains tight control of its borders in spite of the call to “take on its fair share of refugees”.  The country has also been accused of being against racial diversity and multiculturalism, two terms that have no actual value in their meaning.

The same self-contradictory thought process that has made such acidic and hateful accusations is ironically the that which deems Trump’s speech in Poland “racist”. In an article in the Atlantic, Peter Beinart outlines his disdain for the Trump speech by saying that one of the sentences is “perhaps the most shocking sentence in any presidential speech delivered on foreign soil in my lifetime”.

His reference was to the Trump remark “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.” Beinart showed his lack of understanding as a result of misinformation by claiming that it only made sense as a statement of “racial and religious paranoia.” writer, Amanda Marcotte also weighed in on the speech, partaking in the anti-freedom rhetoric. Her article focused on the same sentence, using a quote from a writer, Sarah Wildman. But Marcotte’s article was far more vicious and racially charged as she continually referred to the term the “West” by putting “(white)” next to it in every sentence.

The irony of her story was that it tried to link “Western” ideals to Nazi-Germany, which is both alarming and telling of her mind set, which is shared by most on the left. It is also contradictive in that her ideology, by its own virtue, requires people to live in a collective, same-think society—just as the Nazis did.

 The aforementioned writers’ claims, however, are not unique in their intent. It is the same rhetoric that is expressed by most liberal-progressives. While it is unclear as to whether they actually believe in this unoriginal idea or intended to mislead with sinister reasons, the fact remains that their words, rooted in hatred, are entirely false.

“Western Civilization” in the context of Trump’s speech was obviously intended to describe a free society that protects itself from those who seek to infiltrate and destroy it. In an Orwellian move, the liberal-progressive ideology has sought to hijack the expression to mean things like “ethnic cleansing”, “anti-diversity”, and ultimately “white supremacy.”

Indeed, since Donald Trump has been elected to the highest position in the United States, the use of the words “white supremacy” has increased beyond anything that could have been imagined only a few years earlier. But this is a decades-standard practice of the left. For many years now “Racist” has been used to label those concerned for border security, “bigot” for those who want less government, and “homophobe” for those who disagree with people who want to decide to use the restroom opposite their gender.

 The list of antithetical names or phrases to identify the opposition is long with no hope of ending any time soon. But the hateful ideology of the left has been fueled by more rage than usual as of late, perhaps due to the Trump election.

Many were hopeful that the last bricks of the anti-freedom socialist wall would have been cemented together by Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 campaign.  Had Hillary won the presidency, it would likely have meant the end of “Western Civilization” as it is truly understood.

The young millennial generation for the most part has already been educated, by an overreaching government school system, to hate the concept. And, since most of them have been taught to be intolerant of anything that runs contrary to their ideology, they respond with even more hatred than even their predecessors.

Sadly, many leftist thinkers will never be able to grow up and out of the failed ideology that has caused so much destruction for so many. Unfortunately, however, some already know that liberal-progressivism fails, but seek to intentionally steal freedom from the masses as they view themselves as the intellectual elites and the only people “who know what is best for the masses.”

Hillary Clinton is one such person who has fooled many into believing her rhetoric. The followers of people like Clinton would have gladly give up their freedom and liberty for the false sense of security and “social engineering” that she promised. But, in the end they will only be followers to an unexpected and abrupt end, as lemmings going over a cliff.

Those who understand what Donald Trump actually meant by the expression in his speech, also understand that it is the very thought process—that attempts to tear him down publicly and defame the character of those who support him—that ultimately kills free societies. And, while the left accuses them of being barbaric, they are, indeed the “intelligent” who think for themselves and protect their freedom to do so. 

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