Tech Company Employees Pay Heavy to Dems and Influence Elections Featured

Social Media Co. Employees Donate Millions and Influence Election
Campaign Finance Violations Could Be At Play
By:Jake Fogg 

Censorship of Conservatives and freedom-supporting media is on the rise with Google, Facebook, and Twitter leading the effort. In spite of overwhelming evidence, the big three deny the claims of censorship, but recent revelations by Fox News show intent to influence the 2018 mid-term elections.

According to Fox, Federal Election Commission records indicate that employees of Facebook, Twitter, and Google donated more than $2.2 million to Democrat senators and Representatives for the 2018 midterms.

Facebook employees gave $549,000 to Democrats while only contributing $58,000 to Republican campaigns. Twitter gave the least at $105,000 to Democrat campaigns and nothing to the GOP, But Google’s employees topped the charts.

The Alphabet company’s employees gave an astounding $1.7 million to Democrat candidates while its donations to Republicans came in at roughly 6.4% of the total political contributions, or $117,000.

These numbers of way up from 2014 campaigns, which only received a combined total of $838,000 from top three tech-giant’s employees. This translates to a 286% increase, with almost $2.3 million going straight to Democrat causes.

There are many possible reasons why the balance between Republican and Democrat contributions is so vast, having widened much over the last four years. But,  the likeliest is the combination of tech employee residing in blue states and, as both Mark Zuckerberg  and Jack Dorcey pointed out, their companies “lean left”.

This raises questions as to how the companies’ employees operate. While the big tech firms allege that they are not unfairly censoring conservatives, evidence has proven otherwise. While censorship has always been leveled at right-of-center participants, this election cycle has seen a stark increase in this policy.

This leads many to wonder if it is a “community standards” or ideological move to silence the right, or if it also has more to do with influencing the 2018 midterm elections. After all, giving so much to candidates may give these tech employees the urge to act in a dishonest manner on order to see their candidates win.

It is obvious that the tech industry has intentionally done what it can to sway the vote, but it is likely that it won’t be easily divulged. Some have speculated that, perhaps in the case of Google, a few employees might have used company funds in order to contribute on someone else’s behalf.  This could have been done to circumvent campaign finance regulations where maximum contributions are concerned.

In any case, the censorship is very real and has increased to unprecedented levels since the advent of social media itself.

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