By: Spencer Platt
A string of bloody shootings in New York City over the weekend has left at least four people dead and 19 others injured.
The surge in violence marked the deadliest weekend since New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took office in January, the New York Post reported. It was also the third time in June that New York City saw at least 12 people involved in shootings, leaving one local lawmaker to wonder whether a decline in stop-and-frisk practices is responsible for the spike.
According to NBC New York, the shootings took place in all five of the city’s boroughs, and included injuries to 10-, 12-, and 16-year-old boys in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Harlem. One man died after being shot in the head in Queens, while another suffered a similar fate in Brooklyn. Of all the boroughs, Brooklyn experienced the most violence with seven shootings and 11 people hurt.
At one point, 15 people were shot over a 12-hour period between Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Speaking with the New York Post, state Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) blamed the New York Police Department’s decreased use of stop-and-frisk for the uptick in violent episodes, saying gun wielders “are taking chances because they don’t think stop-and-frisk is going on … Thank God these guys are bad shots and thank God for our trauma rooms that keep these [victims] alive.
“If we don’t do stop-and-frisk, there will be more shootings and there will be more death.”
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