Former AG Holder Calls For Mass Protests
Former Official Turns To Community Organizing Roots

By: Jake Fogg

Growing public concerns about the questionable practices of Mueller’s probe into Trump/Russia Collusion have caused some anti-American former officials of the Obama administration to lash out in public. Specifically, former attorney general, Eric Holder took to Twitter on Sunday.
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Tuesday, 04 December 2018 20:55

Robert Mueller Caught In Coercion Scandal

Mueller's Deep-State Media Complex Caught In Coercion Scandal!
Complaint Filed Against Special Counsel Says Witnesses Forced To Lie About Donald Trump To Avoid Jail Time 
By:Jake Fogg 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been accused of trying to force false testimony from Conservative Author Jerome Corsi.

According to a Fox News report Corsi filed a criminal and ethics complaint against the deep state media complex’s “Special Counsel” on Monday. The 78-page complaint asserts that the Mueller team is in the process of a “slow-motion coup” against President Donald Trump.

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