By Nick Adams
Legal weed is about to become a reality for residents of Washington state, but onlookers to the experiment-in-waiting say pot enthusiasts can expect one peculiar problem to arise right off the bat.
According to a recent report from the Associated Press, Washington’s Liquor Control Board plans to issue 15 of its first 20 licenses next week to retailers, who will in turn begin being able to sell recreational weed legally starting the following day. Once those dispensaries open for business, Washington will become the second place in the United States where adults will be able to purchase pot without necessarily worrying about breaking any laws.
Randy Simmons, the board's legal-pot project manager, told AP that would-be buyers should expect delays, however.
"Will there be shortages?" Simmons asked the AP during a recent interview. "The answer to that is yes."
Simmons isn’t the only one with dire predictions. Randy Oliver, the chief scientist at one of two labs in Washington where state-regulated marijuana will be tested, told AP that his facility has seen only a fraction of what they expected.
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