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Mueller Broke the Law! Knew It! Didn't Care!

Mueller Broke the Law! Knew It! Didn't Care!  
Email Seizure Clearly Defines Bold Intent of The Deep State Media Complex
By:Jake Fogg 
Special Counsel Robert Mueller never had a warrant or subpoena when engaged in a mass seizure of all the Trump transition team emails.

According to a recent legal analysis by Constitutional Attorney Robert Barnes of Law and Crime, this seizure violated the Fourth Amendment as well as attorney-client privilege protections.

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Twitter Threatens To Silence Trump Amid 2018 Campaign Battle
Politico Cites Mystery "Trump Critics" While Showing Support For Censorship 

By: Jake Fogg

In an interview with Politico, yesterday Twitter warned that even President Donald Trump could be banned for abusive behavior.  CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s legal and policy chief Vijaya Gadde were in a side-by-side discussion with the leftist news organization.

Twitter’s rules against vitriolic statements, which generally lean against users on the right, offer a little leeway to public leaders because their statements are considered as newsworthy, but according to Vijaya Gadde, “it is not a blanket exception for the president or anyone else.”

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