Social Media Company Willing To Pay Users To Refuse Facebook Censorship!

Social Media Company Willing To Pay Users To Refuse Facebook Censorship! Featured

Social Media Company Willing To Pay Users To Refuse Facebook Censorship!  
New Contest Is The First In A Series That Pledges To "Give People Their Voice Back"
By:Internet Deputy

Leadership at Hubbook is holding a contest to grow users on its platform.  After the revelation that social media essentially wiped out Alex Jones platforms, the site is set to offer “the first person who can show 1500 real friends on their Hubbook account $1000.00.”

Dubbed the “Refuse To Be Silenced” campaign, Hubbooks creators have embarked on a crusade to shed Facebook and Twitter of the millions of users they seek to silence.  

The company’s CEO declared, “If those companies don’t want people who speak liberty, we’ll take them!  And we’ll give them a platform they can use without the fear of being punished.

“We want to grow this thing fast”, said Hubbook general manager Jake Fogg. “We want to give people like Jones, Candace Owens,  Milo Yianopolis, and Diamond and Silk a place to share their ideas . More importantly we want to give the voice back to millions of Americans who have been silenced for speaking liberty and freedom.”

On Monday after the news broke that Jones being banned from the various social media sites, Hubbook began working on ways to have the site running better immediately. On Thursday, another story was released regarding Hubbook’s offer to Alex Jones.   On that day, the number of users on Hubbook tripled.

“I couldn’t believe it”, said Fogg. “All these people just started joining like crazy and we couldn’t get away from the computers for hours.” 

It was then that Fogg and his partner decided that something was needed to keep momentum going while the company continues to work feverishly to get all the “beta-bugs” worked out of it.  

“We have a few bugs, but we can get them worked out quickly”, Fogg explained. “ But we have faith that the people who want their voices heard will have patience with us as we give them a better platform.”

Fogg also said that the site has many new developments that are just about ready. “Within a couple of weeks we will have an app ready for this and better than that, we’re also going to have live feed capabilities for all users just like Facebook.

Earlier in the week, Hubbook General Manager, Jake Fogg sent a letter to the InfoWars group to offer a Alex Jones a “full platform” for which to bring his Facebook followers.  In the letter, Fogg outlined his intent to allow him to write, post, share, and “ just leave him alone to continue his reporting.”

“You, more than anyone, understand why this is happening.’, said the letter. “ I have personally been a continual victim of content blocking—so much so, that my partner and I have founded a new social media platform of our own. “

Hubbook layout is based loosely on the Facebook model, that according to Jake Fogg, will ensure a smoother transition from one platform to the next.  

The Hubbook administrators have made it clear that this contest will be the first of many to come. “We want to see how this particular campaign plays out before we move forward with other promotions”, he explained.

“We have so many ideas to get people on board with this, but we need to start with one and see how the market reacts to it,”Jake continued. “We know that over time, people will definitely want to use our platform than all the others because we don’t find people’s liberty “offensive” as they do on, say Facebook or Twitter. We just don’t have a lot of time to wait for that to happen, so we are adding a catalyst to see if we can speed things up.”

Jake Fogg followed up by saying that he was certain that with such an easy goal to hit, future contests would be not too far off.

The contest rules are as follows:

All participants must be at least 18 years old. The first person on the platform who can show 1500 “active and real friends” on his or her account will be paid $1000 upon verification.  The verification process will be handled by the company’s IT professionals to ensure that there are no bots, fake accounts, and that they and all of their friends are legitimate users.  All decisions are at the discretion of Hubbook’s ownership.


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