Sanders Takes Iowa!
But, Which "Sanders" Is Still Unclear
By:Jake Fogg 

The 2020 Iowa Caucus has been called “chaotic”, “delayed”, and a “fiasco”, without any official results reported due to a glitch in the voting process stemming from a voting application. Despite this, the obvious overwhelming winner is Sanders—in one form or another.

The Democrat party has long sought to silence Sanders, but without actual reason. After all, closet-socialist Hillary Clinton worked with the Democrat party to ensure that she barely won with a razor-thin margin in the same Iowa caucuses only four years ago.  It was so obvious, in fact, that this year’s Hawkeye had a change of rules that was apparently to ensure that the same corruption from the Hillary campaign.

Not ironically, however, it is the spirit of the female socialist Clinton that has ensured that the Iowa Caucus was an utter failure. According to the LA Times, the glitched app responsible for the chaos was created by former Clinton campaign vets. It is not all that far-fetched an idea that this could be yet another attempt by Clintonites to undermine Bernie Sanders. 

To add gasoline to the fire last night the young former mayor from South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigeig-Sanders declared victory even though the results were not in.  Today, also not having any concrete data, Elizabeth Warren-Sanders claimed that she was in a tight “three-way race at the top”.

Bernie Sanders-Sanders contends that his internal numbers showed him on the top, receiving approximately 60% of the popular vote followed by Buttigeig-Sanders, and then Warren-Sanders.

This chaotic performance in Iowa may obscure the failings of another Sanders—Joe Biden-Sanders. Biden-Sander’s campaign has attempted throughout this process to portray “Ol’ Uncle Joe” as the moderate candidate even after helping preside over the quasi-socialist medical debacle known as Obamacare.  

Biden-Sanders, in spite of his silence throughout the Iowa Caucus, remains on top of the national polls, but not by much.

Bernie Sanders is often touted as a radical by the mainstream media, who has steadily worked against the campaign at every opportunity. The media bubble has often portrayed him as extreme compared to other candidates in the field. However, the post-modern policies of social justice, higher taxes, wealth redistribution, political correctness, wokeness, illegal immigration, disregard for life, and massive government control, are present on every single presidential candidate’s platform.  As such, every candidate in the field is essentially a version of Bernie Sanders and the communism that he represents.

While many of the candidates try to hide their true intentions behind the façade of “being a moderate”, every single presidential candidate in the field would most certainly destroy the economy, contribute to massive job loss and increase dependency on the government.  They have all made it clear that personal liberty and equality of opportunity are both ideas that are not welcome in the Democrat party. In essence, they would all contribute to the destruction of America as it was founded.



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