'Racist' President Shows Lowest Black Unemployment Rate Ever! Featured

'Racist' President Shows Lowest Black Unemployment Rate In History! 
 Black Journalist Unhappy With Results
By:Jake Fogg 

President Donald Trump broke an all-time record with the release of the December employment figures.  The report shows the black unemployment rate to be the lowest it has ever been since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began recording it in 1972.

This is not only contradictory to the typical media narrative, but also flies in the face of the previous Obama administration and leftist ideologues in general. The deep state media complex’s social justice style of reporting touts itself as supporting diversity, yet all of the policies that it supports have an adverse impact overall on all minorities.  

Ironically the media continues to largely ignore the economic strides of the Donald Trump administration. Instead, it continues in its attempt to paint the President as a “crazy”, “racist”, “homophobe”, “bigoted”, “misogynist” who somehow colluded with Russia in a Clinton-esque manner to sway an American election.

Perhaps this lack of acknowledgment for such a stride for the black population stems from the left trying to avoid admitting that its policies are failures which only cause greater unemployment and poor economies.

Before the landmark tax cuts were even passed in congress, the Trump economy, after the first quarter of 2017, saw GDP rise and stay at more than 3% for the subsequent quarters of the year. Without the help of Congress, Donald Trump was able to increase the economy and drop the unemployment rate solely by instituting the removal of business-strangling regulation and giving the energy sector the ability to operate as in the past.

But, even those who do report the positive figures in the media often portray this in a way that mitigates the results and attempts to make it a “temporary” endeavor. Business Insider’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is among other leftists who did just that. Although he is a leftist,  Oyedele's writing indicated, that in spite of being black himself, he was less than positive regarding the powerful news. 

In the reporting of the Trump successes Oyedele’s headline under Jobs Report reads “Jobs report misses expectations, unemployment rate holds at 17-year low.”  While the report does show the positive economic data, the author inserted his opinion via writing style. In addition, the black unemployment rate was not mentioned until the very end of the sixth paragraph.

One especially telling statement in the so-called jobs report reads, “Even after a slew of one-time bonus announcements since the President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it may take a while for the lower corporate rate to trickle down to workers’ pocket in a sustained way.

The term “one-time bonus announcements” is obviously put there to undermine the magnitude of the tax cuts, which may have caused the companies to make that announcement. But it is the words “trickle down” that make this article immediately suspect.

This term has been used, specifically in the phrase “trickle-down economics”, by leftists since the 1930s to describe capitalism. It is used often by those in the deep-state media complex who seek to engage in class warfare in order to advance their ideology of increased government.

In addition to his own input, Akin Oyedele finished his article with a quote by Andrew Chamberlain, an economist from the long-know leftist organization, Glassdoor. “Don’t expect to see much impact on either jobs or wages anytime soon from the tax bill”, is the statement that finishes the article. This, of course does not take into account the fact that the people were already feeling positive affects prior to any indication that the tax cuts would even be passed…under the Trump administration.

While this news is barely being spoken of in the mainstream, it is not a surprise to some black activists who were touting the amazing figure of October when the statistics then showed Trumps black unemployment rate at a 17-year low.

In a press release by the African-American Conservative group Project 21, many of the organizations members were already praising President Trump for his role in the unemployment rate. The organization’s co-chairman, Horace Cooper, a former leadership aide on Capitol Hill stated, “Once Congress steps up to reduce taxes and repeal Obamacare, the markets and the economy will skyrocket—taking such good fortunes to black America and the rest of the nation.”

Another Project 21 Co-Chairman, Stacy Washington said, “With the holiday season upon us, news that the unemployment rate for blacks has reached a 17-year low—even as the economy shed 33,000 jobs due to hurricanes—should be trumpeted in the media. Good economic policy that prioritizes Americans over foreign workers, fewer illegal border crossings and an overall positive business outlook has had a positive impact on hiring.”

The mainstream media and its deep-state complex will, no doubt, continue to slam Donald Trump. But over time, as more and more people see positively affects of the booming economy, it is likely that these slanderous sources will be increasingly ignored and relegated to the “tabloid pile.” 


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