New Social Media Site Aims To Level Playing Field
Internet Deputy Offers Alternative to Facebook Censorship 
By: Jake Fogg

With more and more Conservative/Libertarians being censored by Facebook, has released a new social media platform.  "ID Community", as it is called, provides a "block-free" zone for those who wish to engage in speech about American Values, liberty, and The Constitution without fear of being blocked for phony "community standards".

It has long been known that Social Media giants like facebook and Twitter sporadically block content and remove posts from those who wish to share anything that displays traditional American Values. However, facebook, in particular, has recently become more agressive, blocking some people for sharing simple articles from respected Conservative sources. 
Managing editor of Internet Deputy explained, "There are admins of entire groups with more than 30,000 members that can't even post to or control their own groups for being blocked for absolutely no reason!  These aren't people who are trying to share evasive content! Most of them are just proud Americans who are being punished for saying so!"
Mr. Fogg also mentioned the types of some of the people that are being prevented from sharing,"There are some senior citizens and vetrans who can not even share anything without being blocked. Can you imagine?, Little old ladies who never curse and post comments like 'I'll pray for you' are being censored right and left. Some, who used to use it to keep in touch with family are not allowed to use facebook for sometimes an entire month! "
The managing editor , has himself, been a victim of the biased attacks where articles from his site are deleted for "violating community standards". He even created a "liberal/progressive" account to prove a point.
"I have a fake account that has memberships to only progressive groups, leftist organizations, and so fourth. I even am a member of Antifa groups and BLM. I have shared some really Anti-American videos and articles and made some really horrifying posts and I have never been blocked on that account. What does that tell you? It tells me that facebook literally hates Conservatives, liberty, and America.  It's ridiculous!"
The outcry from thousands of conservatives prompted him to set up his own social media platform on his news blog, "It became clear to me that if conservatives and libertarians want to have a platform to share their views, they were going to have to do it somewhere other than facebook or Twitter. I personally refuse to be silenced by communists who want to destroy the very system that allowed them to become wealthy and powerful."
Those who wish to become a part of this new platform can visit According to Mr. Fogg, there will be new developments in the up-coming months that will include an app with live streaming capabilities and usability that is even more simple than the facebook platform. 
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