Mueller Too Corrupt to Move Forward
Deep-State Media Complex More Exposed Than Ever 

By: Jake Fogg

 Amidst major concerns of partisan bias, the Trump collusion probe could be in danger of shutting down. The entire matter has rendered the special council, its investigators, the FBI, and Mueller himself discredited.  

While providing no actual evidence of Trump/Russia collusion thus far, news continues to surface that turns the entire Mueller probe into a multifaceted scandal. Indeed, the real collusion exposed is between FBI leadership, the Obama Justice Department, Democrats, and Mueller’s team to protect Hillary Clinton and destroy the Donald Trump presidency. 

It was recently found out why high-level counterintelligence FBI investigator Peter Strzok was removed from the probe during the summer and relocated within the bureau.  His reassignment originally was clouded in speculation when it was originally reported. Later it was found that his removal was due to anti Trump text messages he sent during the 2016 presidential campaign to FBI attorney, Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair.

This means that Special Counsel, Robert Mueller intentionally tried to conceal the reassignment from the public so as not to harm the credibility of the biased investigation. Essentially he was deceiving the public in order to continue a skewed investigation.

As previously reported by, it was well known that Mueller had attorneys on his team that had contributed heavily to either the Hillary Clinton Campaign or the Democrat Party. But  partisan behavior from Strzok, an FBI agent, is even more alarming due to the nature of his past investigations.

According to the Daily Mail, Peter Strzok worked directly with James Comey in the Hillary Clinton email scandal which took place during the 2016 campaign. Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman had been promoted by the Obama administration to the position of Associate Director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division. This promotion took place shortly after the FBI found emails on Clinton Aide, Huma Abedin’s husband’s computer. It is assumed that the promotion was meant to aide to the silencing of Strzok regarding the revelation.

Perter Strzok  was also instrumental in rewording  the July 2016 public statement by James Comey to describe Hillary Clinton’s behaviors as “extremely careless” from “grossly negligent” in order to prevent a congressional probe. More recently he was part of the team that questioned the National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. 

It is now speculated that Flynn was a victim of coercion by Stzrok and others in the FBI who likely forced him to plead guilty to lying. It is known that Flynn has been destroyed politically and financially as a result of the Mueller team tactics, thus giving more credence to the deep-state corruption allegations being leveled by critics.

Another damning revelation for the Mueller investigation was made when Judicial Watch, a freedom watchdog group, released emails that showed that Mueller deputy, Andrew Weissman is anti-Trump and a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter.  Weissman showed that he vehemently supported insubordination by the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates. Yates, back in January, publicly refused to defend the President’s originally proposed travel ban which prompted her immediate dismissal.

With the subject line “I am so proud”, Wiessman wrote in the body “And in awe. Thank you so much.” Mueller’s choice of Weissman as his second in command outlines his obvious hard line leftist behavior. This alone provides incite as to what the real intent of the investigation into supposed Russia collusion is about.

The deep-state media complex has continued with the narrative of Russia collusion to overthrow an election in spite of, after a full year, no actual evidence having been produced. In fact, the evidence that has turned up shows real collusion to protect a corrupt Hillary Clinton with actual ties to Russia while attempting to overthrow a president that the American People elected by the rules.

A Republican, Robert Mueller has been portrayed as “untainted by corruption”, but the reality is that he is at the heart of largest scandal in United States’ history.  While it is not being reported, there are more and more issues surfacing as to the extent of American deep-state corruption that includes Mueller.

The following is a list of contributing factors that, if completely investigated by competent individuals, could expose how deep the level of corruption in the U.S. Government is:

  • James Comey and Robert Mueller are close friends and have both headed the FBI.
  • Robert Mueller’s role in the covered-up investigation of Clinton-connected Uranium One merger and all circumstances surrounding it.
  • Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s actual roles in Benghazi.
  • Why Fusion GPS was used to create the so-called “Russian Dossier”.
  • Why the FBI gave the phony dossier’s author and former UK spy, Christopher Steele $50,000.
  • What role Bill Clinton’s meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in July of 2016 played in the decision for the Justice Department to decide not to investigate Hillary Clinton’s unlawful use of a personal email server. Connected with this is the question is “What communication transpired between Lynch and James Comey regarding this meeting.”
  • The actual bias of every single person that Mueller has working for him.
  • How deep the level of corruption exists within the FBI, CIA, Bureau of Land Management(BLM), and other government agencies connected to deep-state media complex.

These points are only a few that need investigated, but they have severely tarnished the Mueller probe and brought into question the actual intent of the entire endeavor. Now some law makers, even those who do not support Donald Trump, are calling for the special counsel to cease as it now seems to be no more than a “fishing expedition” designed to create a story rather than to find facts.

The elites taking part in this effort are members of the mainstream media, government officials, federal investigative agencies, and former President Barrack Obama and loyal followers. There is no actual crime that has been committed by President Trump for which to bring him to justice.

This attempt to overthrow his presidency is really about the disagreement of two separate trains of thought—total government control versus freedom for people to govern themselves. One side refuses to relinquish power to those who have been elected in order to maintain unconstitutional control over the nation and force it down the path of tyranny. This is a detrimental moment in American history and will likely test the strength and resolve of the people to live in a free country where the government is transparent and accountable.

Every nation government contains within it, a certain level of corruption. The Constitution was devised as a way to prevent as much of this as possible. As a result the United States of America has often been viewed as having less internal corruption than most other countries.  But the last 30 years have seen the rise of the deep-state media complex, with the last nine picking up momentum and growing to a level that resembles a banana republic.

The citizens of the United States answered this level of corruption by voting for a person who vowed to stop it. What the world is witnessing now is the struggle to make that promise happen. The Mueller probe was designed to take out a president, but more importantly render inert, the will of the American people.

The accidental self-exposure of the deep-state media’s so-called investigation is resulting in an even greater awakening of Americans who refuse to be ruled by elites. This may be instrumental in not only shutting down the probe, but perhaps, a good portion of the corruption as well. 

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