Absolute Disdain!
Main Stream Leftist Loses Control at the Wrong Time!

Progressive journalist and talk radio host, Leslie Marshall of the Huffington Post, took a political stab at Vice President, Mike Pence on Twitter in response to a solemn condolence statement that he made to the British people.

The statement, which attacked Pence with the typical progressive rhetoric, was inappropriate as it was political debate and untimely in the immediate aftermath of the third terrorist attack in that area in as many months.

The Vice President’s tweet stated, “Our thoughts & prayers are w/ the victims, courageous first responders & all the people of London. As President Trump said: WE ARE WITH YOU.”

This heartfelt statement was met with immediate criticism by Leslie Marshall, who instead of joining Pence in consoling the terror-torn community, decided to attack him with a reply tweet “Of which nearly 20% are Muslim did you mean them too?”

This type of response serves to solidify the well know idea that main stream media in not genuine in its support for those who are real people and real victims. Instead, as Marshall indicated, leftist journalists are more concerned about abstract victims that fall into the media narrative.

Although this has not been reported on any main stream media outlets, Leslie Marshall’s response caused many citizens on twitter to become outraged and responded to her with their own posts.

One twitter account, @Kyle Tsmart wrote “Trolling the VP at this time? Classy Another Twitter poster by the name of Dan Crispen posted “What’s gotten into you? Your response is shameful.”

@usaforyoubruv posted, “People died. Do you think your sarcasm is appropriate? Sad.” A self-identified libertarian by the name of Michael Doby also weighed in on Marshall’s heartless response.  He wrote, “As a Libertarian, I enjoy hearing from all sides so I can have a pragmatic view of real solutions. U were one I listened 2(to) until just now.”

But pragmatic views are not what journalists of publications like The Huffington Post are interested in. Their narrative is that “muslims are mostly good people and anyone voicing concerns must axiomatically be a “racist” or “homophobe”.

When challenged by another twitter response about the “20%” not condemning the attacks, her immediate response was “They do you just never acknowledge it when they do it doesn’t help your argument.” This is also part of the narrative that Americans seldom actually see or hear about, though the main stream media swears it is true.   

That part of the narrative is so important that these “journalists” will even reverse-engineer the story or “wag-the-dog” so as to ensure that the narrative parameters are met. This can be seen in a story released today by the Gateway Pundit that reported CNN and AP getting caught staging a fake protest of terrorist attacks by “peaceful” or “anti Isis” Muslims.

Other stories released today demonstrate just how bold main stream media journalists have become in being disrespectful to those, particularly in the current administration and its supporters. Axios.com reported on several journalists who are “getting in trouble for tweeting” offensive material.

In another story by the Gateway Pundit, CNN host Reza Aslan, went on a “profane Twitter rant against Donald Trump” on Saturday evening. He used extreme language calling Trump a “piece of sh*t” and a “stain on the presidency”.  His Twitter tirade included some other unsavory statements.

Regardless of the narrative, there is a time and place for arguing points, regardless of the content. Leslie Marshall apparently feels so strongly about her position that she forgot this point. It is unknown if she has regret for having lashed out inappropriately, but as of the posting of this story, she still has not taken down her posted response. This will likely lead some to assume that she simply doesn’t care either way. 

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