Media Forgot Major Reason That Senate Democrats Lost

Media Forgot Major Reason That Senate Democrats Lost Featured

Media Forgot Major Reason That Senate Democrats Lost So Badly! 
Undercover Footage Plagued Every Campaign That Lost
By: Jake Fogg

The weeks preceding the Mid-Term elections were wrought with political stunt, one after the other, by the Democrat party. From the attempt to destroy Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh to staging a Central America caravan of illegal aliens to, suspicious mail-bombs that never exploded but that were sent by a registered Democrat who happens to be an avid Trump Supporter.

The mainstream media was cluttered with suspect reports almost on a daily basis. But, the headlines barely mentioned the actual evidence of deceit by Democrats vying for office, that was exposed by James O’Keefe at Project Veritas.

O’Keefe and his team, through undercover reporting, were able to catch several candidates in this year’s election showing other-than-stated intentions. In one case, he even caught one campaign clearly violating campaign finance laws.

To this point, all the candidates that the Project Veritas team investigated, have been confirmed losses. The only exception is AZ Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema, who is likely to lose, but has not yet been officially confirmed. She current polls show approximately 16,000 less voters than her opponent, Republican, Martha McSally.

This is not to say that the candidates that were investigated lost as a direct result of the undercover work, but it is possible that O’Keefe’s work played a role. Of the investigations, perhaps one of the highest profile was that of incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

McCaskill’s campaign was exposed for misleading constituents by lying about the way she would vote on the senate floor once elected. Key issues her and her staff said that they were not talking about included assault-weapon bans and abortion. The incumbent Senator’s staff also admitted that the campaign office went out of its way to appear somewhat conservative, while really being progressive.

In a second video released about the campaign, her staff admitted that they would not take money directly from Planned Parenthood, but funneled it through other venues in order to conceal its origination from voters.

An interview with Springfield MO Television station KOLR 10,  McCaskill’s response to the O’Keefe’s videos was disingenuous. She claimed that Project Veritas was working with her opponent Josh Hawley whom she accused of being a “fraud”. She also lied about the tactics used by the undercover journalist in spite of the video evidence.

McCaskill was also taken aback when challenged about the undercover videos during a debate with Josh Hawley. She tried to act as if she was the victim by making unsubstantiated claims that the Veritas journalists likely stole proprietary information. In addition she also made the demand that a prosecution should be filed on the journalist—a point that Hawley essentially said was tantamount to college campuses that disallow free speech.

Project Veritas kicked off the Mid-Term undercover investigations videos with the Bredesen campaign. Phil Bredesen, a Democrat battled Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn for a senate seat in Tennessee. During the Bret Kavanaugh debacle, Bredesen made the public statement that if he were Senator he would vote to support the Supreme Court nominee in contrast to his Democrat colleagues, who were trying to destroy him arbitrarily.

James O’Keefe’s reporter exposed several members of the campaign admitting that Bredesen was only saying that in order to garner votes in a largely Republican controlled area. Even his ads made him sound like he was a conservative moderate, an assertion his staff assured to the journalist was just an act.

Bredesen’s reaction to the released undercover videos in the media was to claim that the journalist essentially was an older adult who “got the young people talking”. A Democrat spokesperson for Tenessee Victory 2018 actually denied that the campaign staff in the video  actually worked for the Bredesen campaign even though they were recorded in Bredesen’s campaign office.

The Project Veritas team not only discovered lying by political candidates, but even may have blown the lid off a major Federal Election Commission (FEC) violation of yet another Senator vying for position. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke was the fighting to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Texas.

Not only did James O’Keefe’s journalists catch the O’Rourke camp lying, but even caught it using campaign funds to help members of the Honduran caravan. Campaign staffers and field managers were recorded admitting that they would be using campaign funds for different field offices which they also knew that they would have to falsify information in order to disguise it.

Even the campaign manager herself, Jody Casey is on video telling the journalist not to worry about the money being spent.

The Arizona Senate race pit retired military officer and AZ Congresswoman Republican Martha McSally against Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema. Sinema’s history has been that of an extreme leftist, having attacked conservative values including stay-at-home-mothers.

Sinema is so radical that in a speech attacking the state’s conservative roots, she said “The states are the laboratory of Democracy, but my state, Arizona is the ‘meth-lab’ of Democracy”.  Yet, her radical history did not stop her from “playing centrist to move up[and],become powerful”, according to campaign field organizer Madison Snarr. Sinema’s campaign ads confirm as much.  

Michelle Davidson, Sinema’s campaign manager also confirmed on video that the state representative was acting as a moderate.  She specifically mentioned that in spite of Sinema’s anti-gun stance, the campaign could not “be talking about an assault weapons ban.” Sinema herself was also caught briefly acknowledging this on the video.

Sinema admitting that she runs as a centrist, at the very least, bends the truth. However, what she did following O’Keefe’s release of the video was alarming and did far more to destroy her own character, than perhaps the undercover video.

When asked about the Veritas video during an interview with KTAR News in Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema avoided questions about the campaign and instead sidestepped by saying “those guys (Project Veritas) are convicted criminals.” She made this statement twice knowing that it was an outright lie which speaks volumes as to what the woman would be willing to do to get elected.

Although the AZ senate election has not yet been called, Sinema currently trails McSally by more than 17,000 votes.

The aforementioned undercover revelations were all senators vying for federal office, but James O’Keefe’s team was even able to infiltrate the Florida Governor’s race. Former Tallahasee Mayor and Democrat Andrew Gillum lost to Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis.

Gillum, a devout self-described Socialist ran his campaign with a friend from college, Omar Smith, who outwardly admitted that lying was required in order to get elected. To demonstrate his acknowledgement of this, Smith told the Veritas journalist, “Fairy Tales from the old begin with ‘once upon a time’. Fairy tales in the modern day begin with ‘once I am elected’.

Smith quoted Andrew Gilum’s promise to voters to further explain what he meant “Raise the corporate tax rate from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen. Give me another position. Medicare for all. That will never happen,” he said, then continued, The reason being, the legislature that write the bills is all Republican controlled. Democratic Governor, Republican legislature. So unless the legislature write a bill, and it got voted on the floor, it cannot pass.”

When the journalist questioned how the voters would feel about this(information, or lack thereof) he responded “It is not for them to know.”

During the same conversation, Smith also stated that “you have to appeal to white guilt.” Later in the video Omar showed his disdain for white people.  Revisiting  the previous conversation, he talked about the goal of Gillum becoming governor and then getting black legislators that would help his advance his agenda.

According to the campaign staffer “Florida is a Cracker state” and because of the legislature in its current incarnation (Whites and Republican controlled), he alleged “man, them crackers ain’t gonna let us do that s**t”.

 In the end the goal is not to live up to the promises of the campaign, but to win the campaign without scaring off moderates as has been the goal of the aforementioned dishonest campaigns. Once in office the object is to affect progressive change.

Gillum campaign field organizer, Christian Rodriguez plainly stated that Andrew Gillum is “a progressive, through and through.” He goes on to explain that Gillum switched his rhetoric from the original leftist platform to more moderate from the primary campaign to the general election campaign. Rodriguez said that Gillum’s platform change was so as not to “scare away” because “we need every vote.”

When Gillum was confronted about the released Project Veritas videos, he said it was “deeply regrettable” and denied that he even knew his old college friend. Nothing, however, was said in regard to his feelings about the statements that were made in the video.

Overall, it is understood by the public that politicians essentially say one thing and often do the opposite. In today’s polarized environment Democrats literally destroy innocent people for disagreeing ideologically, while more and more Republicans are held accountable in office.

The treatment the President of the United States, the out-of-control protests since his election, the harassment of right-leaning thinkers in public, and more recently, the Kavanaugh hearing are all examples of how unhinged the left has become. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the aforementioned investigations were so easily rooted out.

It is unclear how much a role the undercover journalists played in the losses of each of these campaigns. It is possible that some undecided voters simply chose the Republican candidates if they saw this information. Additionally, some voters, forced to choose between the perceived enemy and a liar, may have decided to just stay home and not vote at all.

But, one thing certain is that leftist campaigners are getting bolder in their attempts to get elected. This should alarm voters of the future. After all, people who behave in this manner are generally interested in gaining power more than representing their constituents.



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