Leftist Professor Caught Stereotyping Minorities? Featured

Leftist Professor Caught Stereotyping Minorities?
Randa Jarrar's Latest Tweet, A Possible Underlying Dark View Of People Of Color
By:Jake Fogg 

Fresno State University professor, Randa Jarrar made a controversial tweet that caused an uproar for many who saw the message as a “dig against whites”, but really was a racist message against people of color.

Her tweet read “At some point, all of us in the literary community must DEMAND that white editors resign. It’s time to SETP DOWN and hand over the positions of power. We don’t have to wait for them to f—up. The fact that they hold these positions is f—up enough.”

Jarrar, who made headlines back in April for her tweet celebrating the death of Barbara Bush, may have revealed something about herself in the recent tweet that she may not have wanted known.

Most assume that this hasty tweet came as a result of her hatred for white people, but this could be an inadvertent admission on her part.  While the literary field is vast, she automatically alleges that white people in literary positions of leadership is an indication of racism, an allegation with no evidence. And, being a professor assumes that she is much more knowledgeable about the world of literature than most.

In fact, the literary community where editors are in place can be a competitive environment.  In addition it is an industry most dominated by leftists who believe in or preach affirmative action. Therefore, the conclusion could easily be drawn that she feels that minorities are incapable of competing with whites in order to acquire these leadership roles among progressives.

That a professor in a progressive institution might have this type of mindset is appalling. Her willingness to try to help those she considers to be “ill-prepared” may seem noble but it really shows a deep-seated racism that few on the left actually admit to. In other words it is likely that she actually thinks that minorities really are not as smart or as good of writers as white people.

Sadly, if she is teaching minorities, she is likely not challenging them and not bringing out the best of their own abilities.  This could be a self fulfilling prophesy as she is only teaching students at the level which she thinks they can handle based on her own misconception.  

Regardless, students who receive an education which costs a vast amount of money should be challenged and developed according to a standard set in the field. This kind of thinking suggests that disparities among different racial groups who leave college may be the result of poor teaching by professors who simply don’t think that their students can handle the actual required work.

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