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Hard Evidence Exposes Google!
Study Shows Hard Evidence That Search Engine Is Programmed To Silence The Right
By:Jake Fogg 

While it is understood by the public at large that the Google organization has left-leaning sympathies, the company maintains that it is lead “without political bias.”  

Although leaked internal communications and media have shown that the company is lying about its bias, new empirical evidence exists in the form of a study that proves the company’s intent to force its ideology on the consumers that use its search engine.

According to the Columbian Journalism Review(CJR), the study from Northwestern University, Evanston, Il, found that the top 20 referred-to news sources, were with exception of one, all leftist websites. The only news source that could be considered right leaning is Fox News, which ranked fourth as the site most driven to by Google.

And, even that one “right wing” source is in question. Contrary to popular belief, Fox’s news reporting is not as right-leaning as its competitors attempt to portray, thus making it understandable why the high traffic site made it into the Google top-20 referral list.  (In fact, with exception to its commentary lineup, the organization has many devout leftists within its staff, such as Chris Wallace and Sheppard Smith).  

In all, the top 20 news sources to which Google drives traffic account for more that 50% of all news traffic. Of that traffic, the site that receives the most referrals from Google is CNN, which enjoys almost 11% of, followed by the New York Times with 6.5% and then Washington Post, which gets 5.6%.  

Fox is followed by the likes of BBC, USA Today, LA Times, The Guardian, Politico, ABC, CBS, and NPR respectively. Essentially the top 20 receivers of Google traffic are all leftist organizations, which when considered, shows that the company has a desire to influence that way its users think.

A decline in news traffic from Facebook has created a vacuum whereby Google is now generating more than 50% of internet news referrals overall, far ahead of any other news aggregation service, according to the web analytics firm Parse.ly.  This means that Google is able to influence a mass number of the population in general.

Some critiques could argue that the amount of right-vs-left content generated would affect algorithmic selection and they would be correct. In fact a search of the global database of news articles known as  GDELT finds that the amount of leftist news articles numbers 2.2 to every right-leaning article. However, the Google top-stories ratio is 3.2 to one, which further complicates the company’s ability to continue the claim that it is unbiased.

As pointed out in the CJR article, research has shown that search engine sites can also affect the way people chose their political positions, particularly during elections. This means that Google has, through the use of its algorithms, played an active role in persuading its users to its side politically.

For the last two years CNN, the New York Times, the Washington post, and all the other left-leaning sites have perpetuated a completely false “Russian collusion” narrative in an attempt to render the presidency of Donald Trump irrelevant.

The entire Russian narrative was a hoax driven to overthrow a Constitutionally elected president. But, it was a hoax perpetrated largely by the media. And, of course, based on the aforementioned data, Google search was complicit.

This bold attempt to influence political discourse comes as little surprise to many as Google has had a mountain of evidence mounting against it in recent years. In spite of repeated attempts to portray itself as unbiased, the company continues to be exposed for what it is—a radical leftist organization that silences those with whom it disagrees.

In August of 2017 the CEO Sundar Pichai fired Google engineer James Damore for writing an empirically based internal communication which outlined flaws in the company’s hiring process as it pertains to women. According to sources within the company, the platform Damore used was a chat room designed to allow “employees to express themselves openly” regarding company policy.

Damore and other former employees are currently in a class-action lawsuit against the large corporation, but other matters have surfaced as well.  Earlier this year Google was caught bullying its Conservative employees and lauding those who work to suppress Conservative content.

Google also shut down an ad campaign for Conservative mayoral candidate Faith Goldy in Toronto, Canada without cause—on a Saturday, leaving the candidate with no recourse until election day.  In March of last year, the company’s video content subsidiary YouTube embarked upon a campaign to get rid of or throttle down Conservative content under the guise of fighting “fake news”.

The list of censorship that Google has engaged in is lengthy and continues to pile up. InternetDeputy.com has experienced its own share of internet censorship from the behemoth . The Google analytics tool, which many companies use to determine whether or not to purchase ad space on a web site, has been intentionally set to register approximately 10% of the actual traffic to Internet Deputy.

Ironically, the company continues to side-step its role in silencing right-leaning content, even though it has once again been exposed. But more than just avoiding the issue, the fact is, Google outright lies about its position.  This was particularly the case when CEO Sundar Pichai took an oath then repeatedly lied to Congress in December of last year when specifically asked about the company’s bias.

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