Google Caught Bullying Employees--AGAIN! Featured

Google Caught Bullying Employees--AGAIN!
Leaked Internal Communications Show Culture of Hate Continues To Thrive 
By:Jake Fogg 

Despite its attempt to appear unbiased, Google continues to assert otherwise as the company’s leftist management and staff behavior threatens employees on the right. In fact, the company’s reaction to frequent leaks demonstrates solidly its overall disdain for those who hold a different view from the left.

The anti-freedom behavior was well documented in a Google internal discussion group ironically labeled “transparency and ethics”. The discussion thread included the announcement that a suspected leaker was ejected for leaking information from previous threads within the group.  

It is apparent that the ejection, which denies access to the group thread, did little to quell leaks as this information too was leaked exclusively to Breitbart News after the ejection of the suspect employee.

In the conversation announcing the ouster, one employee in the group referred to a separate leak by a known conservative within the group by the name of Mike Wacker. Whacker, released internal anonymized group conversations earlier in the month in a Medium post titled The Cruelty of Google’s Call-Out Culture.

When encouraged to turn in any leakers from the group, one employee wrote, “I noticed a certain someone who leaked from this group still works here. Is that the new norm?”, the employee said referring to Wacker’s public post on Medium.

Google’s culture has allowed its internal leftists to feel as though it is perfectly acceptable to mistreat conservatives while denying them the freedom to defend themselves or speak out.

A few other employees in the thread encouraged the group to use caution in passing judgement on the Conservative Googler. This wasn’t done in the interest of protecting Wacker, but rather to prevent backlash such as a lawsuit, which would show the company’s true colors.

“The odds of them showing up in, for example, a lawsuit for discrimination, or unfair dismissal, are high”, in a statement that sought to warn of empowering “far-right extremists.”

“They serve the propaganda purpose of establishing further that Google is a discriminatory against ‘conservative’ voices and that ‘leftists’ as a whole are a mob of persecuting anyone they imagine might be an ‘enemy’ without regard of the facts.”

Another employee pointed out that Wacker’s Medium post “might be considered protected speech”, which is correct. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has held that employees have the right to publicly speak about working conditions within a company.

The medium post itself was really more evidence of the leftist bias that has come to dominate the Google culture.

According to Wacker’s post, the internet giant had created an external advisory council to aid in the development of responsible AI. The eight-member council included Kay Cole James, the president of the conservative think-tank, Heritage Foundation.

In spite of the fact that Kay Cole James is the first black woman to head the organization, the leftists were outraged to have a conservative who they ridiculously claimed was “transphobic” and spewed “hate”. As a result, Google allowed its own hate-filled employees to cause the advisory program to be shut down entirely.

Wacker’s Medium piece showed damning responses from some of these extreme leftist employees toward public figures that included calling politicians on the right “terrorists” and “violent political thugs”. More troubling, however, was how they referred to their own colleagues—people with whom they worked on a daily basis—simply for their political beliefs.

Indeed, Google’s internal communications threads, which were shared on Mike Wacker’s post, contradicted the company’s assertion that there is no bias within its ranks. One employee, for example referred to right-leaning employees(or presumably Wacker) as “Googlers bragging about their donations to hate groups that advocate for the criminalization of homosexuality” while others agreed.

In this particular case it was Alliance to Defend Freedom(ADF) that was likely being referred to, given the internal conversation’s topic. Wacker was kind enough to conceal the names of everyone in the thread. There were 11 that seemed to be teamed up against Wacker. Of the 12 total people in the conversation, only Wacker offered reasonable, thought-out, evidence-based responses to his attackers.

Sadly, this is only another in a long list of evidence of Google’s leftist-bully culture spurred on by its top-down social justice warrior staff. And, it is likely that Google will continue to deny the overtly obvious hateful treatment of both employees and customers who lean right politically. It was, after all, only four months ago when the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai blatantly lied to Congress about this very topic.

Google is certainly not alone in big-tech bias against people who believe in freedom. Youtube, a Google sister company, Facebook, and Twitter have all been caught bullying both users and employees with whom they disagree.  In the end they lie about it and continue to discriminate.


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