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Tell your story and let it Go Viral. Internet Deputy has two sides to the story but it's not what you think. One side is the power of the famous journalist which the story is HOT and is already going Viral and we then post it. The other is you the INDY writer who has the story in which iD greatly anticipates Viralness.

Independent Writers Wanted! Format: Video or Print

Imagine letting the world hear your voice and getting paid for it. Post your news stories and if it receives over 100 likes then Internet Deputy will feature it on our front page. Then if it is still fresh relevant news and gets over 500 likes then we will pay for a national press release. We use PrWeb to do our newswires which goes over 2800 media outlets.


Disclaimer: If  there are claims with out fact checking which DOES NOT link to credible sources we will NOT send out a news-wire until it's credible news.

There are 100 journalists who hold the TOP 100 paid spots. The Top 100 journalist each get their own page which has paid advertisers. 75% of the paid advertising income is given to the journalist. The journalist posts their articles and if he or she receives traffic to their page, they get paid for clicks or impressions on their page.  For example: John writer makes the TOP 100 and John has an article on the front page and viewers reads it and then clicks read more to finish the story then John gets paid for either the click or the impression. Read this article on clicks or impressions http://theclutch.commercialwebservices.com/clicks-vs-impressions/
If you make the "Journalist TOP 100" you must have a Paypal account so that we can pay you. Email us for payment details.
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