Democrats Vote To Violate Roe V. Wade 40 Times! Featured

Democrats Vote To Violate Roe V. Wade!
Congressional Leftists Deny Vote To Protect Newborn Babies For A 40th Time!
By:Jake Fogg 

Democrats have endorsed infanticide—the killing of babies who survive abortions—by voting to fund abortion clinics that allow the practice while at the same time refusing proposed legislation that would protect innocent survivors.

According to Life News, during a markup of funding legislation on May 8th, the House Appropriations Committee voted to fund abortion clinics.  Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) offered a pro-life amendment which would have withheld funding to clinics that do not provide medical care for surviving babies.

Every Republican and one Democrat (from Texas) on the committee voted for the amendment and all other Democrats, a majority, voted to allow infanticide by funded clinics.

Prior to the vote, Republicans made reasonable arguments regarding the reason protect survivors of abortion.  Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) recounted her own pregnancy which the doctors claimed the baby no chance of surviving and how she is six years old today in spite of this news. She also mentioned several survivors of abortions who went on to become adults.

But, perhaps the most important part of her argument was a statement she made about how Constitutional rights begin when a baby is born alive, which seemed to be lost on Democrats.

Roe v Wade after all asserted that a baby is considered a “baby” only after it is born, which means unequivocally that human rights are being violated as protected by the Constitution.

Another Republican, Kay Granger of Texas spoke as well saying that she believed that “every newborn child has value and should be protected.”

The arguments, were of course, to no avail. The Democrats in Congress got the majority in the committee.

As of today, Republicans have submitted legislation to protect survivors from infanticide 40 times only to have them turned down for a vote. In other words, Democrats not only want to keep abortion intact, they want to kill babies that they deem are “unwanted.”

During the upcoming elections of 2020, it is unclear if the Democrats will be able to continue to run as a party that “cares for children.” It will be very difficult to reconcile their call to “stop separation of children” from parents who cross the border illegally, when at the same time, they support murdering of newborn babies.


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