Charlottesville Mayor and Others Caught Supporting Slavery! Featured

Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer Caught Supporting Slavery!
Others In His Circle Also Support the Despicable Practice and Consider Themselves "Supremacists"
By:Jake Fogg 

The recent media blitz over the Charlottesville riots between leftist white supremacists and the leftist Antifa factions has highlighted and even acted as a catalyst to rewrite history in concert with the leftist agenda.

The clever revisionist attempt by the left may be viewed as “for the good of society”, but have a much more sinister intent.

It is understood that much of the promotion of trying to topple history is really the result of the media colluding with certain progressive politicians to create chaos. Many of the people who partake in the violence and do the actual monument defacing are mostly no more than ideologically programmed people prone to emotional triggering by these acts of collusion.

In other words, there is no real value in the argument behind vandalizing these monuments and the riots involved. Where actual intelligent-based protests might occur, the collusion incites violence and use of force of leftist organizations such as Antifa and White supremacist groups.

As of recent, the progressive movement has been successful in stirring to action the violence needed to advance their cause—the destruction and rewriting of history.  As a result the news headlines of demands to have monuments and statues removed are growing rapidly. reports that alt-leftist Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams capitalized on the violence in Charlottesville, VA. In a series of tweets she called for the removal of a stone carving of Confederate generals on the face of Stone Mountain in Georgia in response to the government provoked violence that occurred in Charlottesville.

On August 14th, two days after the Charlottesville Mayor, Michael Signer, provoked the violence that riddled the Virginia town, protestors in Durham NC violently ripped down a statue of a Confederate soldier that had been there since it was dedicated in 1924.

Other headlines report much the same sentiment across the country and the media always seems to be there siding with vandals who represent the lowest intelligent level speaking on the matter. According to these so-called reports, these people are “angry” at what these monuments represent.

However, what the political and media elitist will not allow is a frank and honest conversation. In Charlottesville, for example, there was very little mentioned of the violent behavior of the leftist organization, ANTIFA. In fact most of the attention focused on the other leftist participants of white supremacists.

Since the media has attempted to link the alt-left white supremacists to “right wing” Constitutional conservatism there has only been talk of what supremacists did in Charlottesville. In fact, even when white supremacists have not been present at other events, the media has labeled conservative protesters as such.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post did this on June 10th of this year. When ACT for America, a Lebanese-run organization, encouraged anti-Sharia-law protests, the protestors in cities all over America were racially diverse. But, the aforementioned and other media outlets reported it as “white supremacist” groups. On-the-ground video from these protests paints a very different picture.

In truth, not only were the protests comprised of diverse groups of people, the unreported violence that occurred was almost solely perpetrated by counter-protesters which were predominately comprised by the unintelligent Antifa. Several videos show actual intimidation that occurred from the counter-protesters that were not arguing talking points, but instead showed their presence as a resistance only.

The mainstream media did not report all of the facts but instead showed solidarity with what other pseudo-intellectual elites want to be believed. This type of intentional ignorance shows a potential for real evil that is likely lurking in the narrative.  

Rush Limbaugh pointed out a disturbing idea in his August 15th broadcast.  A caller by the name of Calvin compared the Confederate statues being torn down to Isis terrorists destroying monuments and ancient antiquities. His view was that both occurrences were being done to appease the “offended”, but Limbaugh slightly disagreed.

The famous host told the caller that he liked the analogy of the Isis, but pointed out that Isis is not destroying ancient monuments because they are offended by it. “They’re wiping it out to erase it!” he stated. “They are trying to end all references to that which they disagree with.” He also referred to it as “’1984’, Isis style”.

To some who have viewed the progressive movement from the outside, it would come as no surprise to find that the current trend of destroying war monuments is really  about destroying history itself. Over the last 40 years, there has already been a progressive altering of the history books in academics as it is emphasized mainly bad points of American history and omitted anything positive. It has exchanged the ideas of freedom and liberty for “social justice.”

The result of this altering has shown to be evident, manifesting itself in the form of riots sparked by uninformed citizens fueled by the media. The media has worked in concert with academia to achieve the same end. Therefore, it is arguable that the current-day riots and civil unrest are signs of success on the part of the progressive movement.

Charlottesville is a stark example of this progressive ideology in action. There were two sides fighting, both from the left. One side is labeled by the media as “right” and they both were equally violent, but only those labeled “right” have been reported on. Add to it that freedom of speech was prevented from being exercised. Many in the events that occurred were completely unaware of how they were being played by walking into a narrative that could ultimately strip both sides of liberty.

In the novel “1984”, the main character, Winston, worked for a government department labeled the “Ministry of truth”.  His job was not to write the truth but destroy any information that the government wanted destroyed and to write new information that the government wanted reported, regardless of the truth. In essence, there was no real history--only what the government wanted people to think or know.

This is exactly what is taking place today with academia having done, and continuing to do, its part in ensuring that people aren’t educated with real knowledge. The media is responsible for capitalizing on the ill-informed coming out of academia by turning them against those who have learned actual truth.

By not teaching and referencing history, the American culture is doomed to failure as a free society. American citizens are being prevented from learning from past mistakes.  The violence this causes gives the progressive movement more power to exercise its chief objective of total government control or “statism.”

 “Greater good” legislation, will mandate that free speech be eradicated by disallowing “hate speech”. The uninformed masses that have not learned history will not be able to identify this type of legislation as “bad.” They will not understand that the government will then be able to define what “hate” is and change it to fit its agenda. People who engage in it will be punished. Most certainly, hate speech will include any language that is critical of the government.    

Civil War monuments are said to “offend” people because they are a reminder of slavery. To the uneducated recent generations, this makes sense because they don’t understand that this was the first time in history that a country went to war with itself in order to discontinue the despicable practice.

Slavery is the ownership of people by people. Prior to the Civil War, ownership could range from a single person to hundreds as was the case on some large plantations. Slavery at that time was understood to be and was named as such.

The “intellectual class” elitists of the progressive movement realize this and will stop at nothing erase the past in order to implement slavery, under disguise, on the largest scale possible. It will even drive people against one another by defining an entire group of people by labeling them as “supporting slavery of the past” when, in fact, they are in support of freedom and liberty. 

This is exactly what happened during the civil unrest in Charlottesville and it has occurred in many other chaotic the recent past. The Occupy Movement, the Baltimore riots,and  the Ferguson riots are all examples where a complicit media and progressive groups showed solidarity with the "underclass" in order to appear in favor.  

This is meant to make the elites look as if they are “friends" of those who apparently oppose racism and slavery. This play on the people is a major irony it is intended to later subdue these supporters later, after they have served to help implement more power to the government to make sure everyone is “treated fairly”.    

Those who do not know history will not realize that slavery will have returned, but this time, without having been purchased by masters with money. Instead it will have taken place by tricking people into sacrificing their own freedom to a central government. 

When "hate speech" legislation nullifies the First Amendment, no one, including those who think they want it now, will have an opportunity to speak out for any reason. Recent developments in Venezuella and stated knowledge of North Korea show what happens when people sacrifice their rights to free speech in order to seek “fairness”.

The people in those countries have been tricked into losing all of their freedom. They are under the control of government elites whose failures have caused the starvation of millions. Speaking out in these countries is against the law and is met with severe punishment including death.

While North Korea has been an evil dictatorship for more than five decades, the people of Venezuela could not have imagined only 20 years ago that they would suffer the same fate. In 1997, when Socialist Hugo Chavez became president the people of that country were free and living in one of the most prosperous countries in South America.

In the name of “fairness” and “equality” the country has progressed into a dictatorship where the people starve and rule of law mandates that those who demonstrate or speak out in any way are severely punished for doing so.

If slavery is the ownership of people by people then the people of the aforementioned countries are under ownership of their governments, which of course are run by people. Just like slaves they are told what to do and have no real freedom to speak out on any issue with exception to praising the government.

The progressives in the United States feel that the citizenry are not to be free to live their own lives, but to instead be managed by those who “know best”.  In order for them to achieve this, they must necessarily erase history so that the masses are unaware of what liberty is. This way they can more easily implement slavery under the single ownership of the government.

Sadly, those uninformed who partake in the toppling of monuments in the name of “anti-slavery” and “social justice” are doing so at their own demise. Unknowingly they have fallen into the trap of their own ignorance and fight for the implementation of their own slavery.   

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