Amazon-WAPO Gets Welfare From Failing USPS Featured

Amazon-WAPO Gets Welfare From Failing USPS
POTUS Calls Out Bezos For Making Money On Tax Payers' Dime!
By:Jake Fogg 

In a tweet, President Donald Trump called out Amazon for getting a break from the United States Postal Service for all of its shipping.

This amounts to corporate welfare for the retail giant who reported a 2016 profit of $2.4 billion while American tax payers, due to bureaucracy, have bailed out the USPS for 11 straight years. 

Trump may just be taking a jab at Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Anti-American/Anti-Trump, pseudo-News organization Washington Post. But, the tweet highlights a very real issue with the United States Postal Service that has been ongoing for decades.

While the USPS touts “self-sufficiency”, it is, by definition, a Fascist pseudo-corporation controlled largely by government bureaucrats and labor unions, who often use it for political gain. This prevents it from operating like an actual corporation that relies on maintaining solvency in order to stay in business.

In fact, the postal service is completely insolvent and requires tax-payer cash infusions in the billions of dollars every year. By contrast, Amazon, who receives the corporate welfare from the bureaucratic postal service, is completely solvent clearing hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in profit each year.  In essence, tax payers are financing Amazon’s shipping endeavors at no cost to the company.

This welfare provides Amazon and Bezos an unfair advantage over smaller retailers who are not allowed Sunday delivery and must pay higher rates for shipping. While the mega-corporation claims that $7.6 billion were lost due to shipping in 2016, the continued Fascist-style government alignment will mean that there will be little concern for cost-saving shipping strategies.

Of course, this is another unfair advantage over other retailers who must keep costs lower, but it has raised the more important question of whether Amazon could maintain profitability without artificial support from the USPS. In other words, if forced to contend with the same circumstances that face other retailers, would Amazon be able to maintain its current growth and profit?

Some argue that if Amazon were forced to face the actual free market, that it could conceivably go under financially if it were unsuccessful in addressing the huge loss due to shipping.

The shipping loss would undoubtedly go up without the propping up by USPS, thus forcing the company to reevaluate its business model and engage in cost-cutting measures and even price increases—all of which would result in loss of sales.

Another point the Trump’s tweet highlights is the fact that Bezos, like many in the corporate world is an elite. In typical elite fashion, he has no issue with being able to circumvent the free market to maintain profitability. Most elites consider themselves to be above the laws of a free society.

Indeed, they generally contribute to less freedom and more tyranny, believing that they are “the few” who have a right to decide what rules the rest in a society live by.  This is why most elites support the idea of socialism, fascism, and communism as they are all forms of government whereby the elite rule and maintain power at the cost of liberty for the society as a whole.

Essentially the end result of Jeff Bezos’s behavior is a form of slavery imposed on an entire population. Free society cannot exist when the free market is usurped by those who wish to receive unfair advantages. 

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