Rand Paul and Steve Scalise Attacks Related Featured

Rand Paul and Steve Scalise Attacks Related
Deep-State Media Complex Once-Again Plays Its Role 
By:Jake Fogg 
The media’s account of the Rene Boucher attack on Rand Paul, that left the senator with several broken ribs, was discredited by Paul’s neighbors in a report by Washington Examiner.

The landscaping dispute narrative is completely false and the attack more-so resembles the rogue shooting that almost took the life of Steve Scalise by extreme leftist, James T. Hodgkinson in June of this year.

Rene Boucher’s attorney, Matt Baker, has publicly said that the attack was “trivial” which the mainstream media has suggested was due to a landscaping dispute which created the impression that Rand Paul did not keep his lawn manicured. However, according to neighbors, Senator Rand Paul’s property is always well-kept and a point of pride for him.

Neighbor Travis Creed defended the Kentucky Senator by saying “The stories of a ‘landscaping dispute’ or a dispute of any sort between Rand Paul and Rene Boucher are erroneous and unfounded. The reason for Mr. Boucher’s bizarre attack is known only to him. Statements to the contrary are irresponsible and unnecessary.”

Mr. Creed went on, “Speculation regarding Boucher’s motive has led to an unfair characterization of the Pauls and their home. The Pauls are and always have been great neighbors and friends. They take pride in their property and maintain it accordingly. Rand has enjoyed working on and maintaining his lawn for as long as I have known him.”

But Travis Creed was only one of seven neighbors who were surprised at the attack on the senator, which ironically happened while he was working on his yard. Like Creed, the other six neighbors agree that the attorney and mainstream media account of the story are false.

Recent investigating into Rene Boucher’s social media account shows the registered Democrat was anti Republican and anti-Trump. One of his several political posts read, “May Robert Mueller fry Trump’s gonads.”

Another post was of a meme with the President’s picture and text that make fun of Trump supporters. While Boucher’s level of extremism is not completely known, there is a possibility that he was acting out of a rage that seems to be a trend occurring with many on the left from public figures and celebrities to relatively unknown, but lethal activists.

Leftist members of congress have called President Trump a “white supremacist”. Kathy Griffin of CNN lost her job when the comedian released video of her holding an effigy of Trump’s severed head and late night comedians have abandoned all decency in their remarks about the President. It gets worse when one takes into consideration the many violent outbursts and the outright attempted shut down of free speech by leftist organizations and Antifa groups.

But, the worst and perhaps, most related to the attack on Senator Rand Paul, occurred when leftist activist, James T. Hodgkinson opened fire at a baseball field at Republican members of Congress who were practicing for an upcoming game. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise almost lost his life and others were injured before the shooter was shot dead by police.

What is causing this disturbing trend? As reported by InternetDeputy.com, James T. Hodgkinson’s hatred was likely fueled by the consistent leftist indoctrination and hatred promulgated by leftists in general and, more specifically in the mainstream media.

It is not far-fetched to consider the possibility that Rene Boucher himself is a victim of a sort of brainwashing by this constant bombardment by the media as well as any leftist cronies that he may have. After all, his words on social media hold that all Trump supporters are unintelligent. His posts also indicate that he, a doctor of medicine, actually believes that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

This apparent inability to evaluate empirical data and determine facts from fallacies is, more recently, both not uncommon to those who hold leftist beliefs, and indicative of the impact that media outlets have on those who follow.


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