Obama "War Room" in DC Seeks to Topple Trump! 
Video Uncovers This and Much Much More!  

  By:Jake Fogg


 Former Fox News contributor and Clinton Whitehouse  aide, Dick Morris describes  in this  video an Obama war  room two miles away from  the White House  tasked  with overthrowing the Trump  administration. According  to    Morris, there are two  conference calls per day, at  8:30am and 9:45  am, and  the players involved are  well-  known Barrack Obama  operatives.

 Recently, the focus has been on the healthcare repeal.  Obama  players include Kathlene Sebelius, Andrew  Slavitt, Valarie Jarret,  Susan Rice, and other former  Obama cabinet members. It is  assumed that this war  room is directly linked to most mainstream  media  outlets, who use the talking points in reports to the public.

But the video released in an article by Gateway Pundit also  discusses eye-opening information surrounding John Mc Cain,  Anthony Scaramucci, Jeff Sessions, Vladimir Putin, Lisa Murkowski and others. He details Putin’s path to wealth and power, the circumstances in FOX  News, the transgender issue in the military, and the inner workings in recent hearing in the senate.

Dick Morris has written many books including his most recent “Armageddon How Trump Can Beat Hillary”. InternetDeputy.com recommends viewing this video to keep apprised of recent political developments as well as the historical information which puts it all together. 

Since former President Barrack Obama has left the White House, with exception to lavish vacationing, has been on the campaign trail to continue his anti-America agenda. 

While most presidents have a histroy of smoothly transitioning out of office and into private, Obama has continued his attack on the United States and liberty. He has traveled to nations around the world to essentially speak out against the Donald Trump administration. 

Back in early July he even went so far as to join protests at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. Some feel that Obama's bazaar behavior is linked to his realization that Trump has already accomplished more to spur the U.S. economy than he was able to do in an eight-year period. 

Others in the political arena, however, feel that it is purely out of spite as Obama sees much of what he set out to do in transforming America, being rolled back and or destroyed. 

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