Walmarts "Always Low Prices" Slogan To Be Used For Marijuana Mega Store

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, April 1st 2015.
One would think that Walmart is now selling Marijuana as "Always Low Prices" the multimillion dollar household slogan is now being used for an online marijuana store. Sam Walton's slogan (rest his soul) might turn over in his grave if he knew what his prized slogan is being used for. Always Low Prices to this day is plastered all over the country side from semi trucks to buildings. One can easily get confused if they google "Always Low Prices" because there's over half a million documents floating on the internet related to Walmart. But soon "Always Low Prices" will be known as the place to buy marijuana. Many will be confused when they see "Always Low Prices" because they will think its Walmart's famous brand but instead they will see a medical marijuana store instead.

In 1995, Brad Morehouse purchased and Walmart trade marked the slogan Always Low Prices in 2003. According to law, Walmart has no jurisdiction over the .com but Walmart tried to sue Brad Morehouse in 2004 threatening Mr. Morehouse with certified letters and phone calls. Mr. Morehouse called out Walmart on their deception and bully tactics to the point where Walmart dropped the case. Rumor has it that Walmart changed their slogan to "Save money. Live better" due to the lack of control of the internet .com version It seems that is very connected to Walmart's image or Walmart would not have given Mr. Morehouse a Cease and desist letter.

What this means is (Canna Paste with franchises soon to open ) can legally promote their stores and website using the Always Low Prices slogan. This is a very strange legal conflict due to the fact that the .com was purchased prior to Walmart's trademark and yet both parties can use Always Low Prices.

In 2010, Brad Morehouse contacted Walmart to offer them the domain name for a price but ironically the attorneys again threaten Mr. Morehouse as the attorney obviously was clueless on the prior 2004 dispute. The attorney then insulted Mr. Morehouse with an offer of $500.00 for the name.

One could only imagine how many millions of dollars went into Sam Waltons slogan and yet Walmart's attorneys to this day pridefully refuse to spend chump change to protect their branding. Imagine if Alice, John, Rob or Jim Walton happens to drive by and see Always Low Prices Cannabis store. We can only assume that somebody's buttocks will get reamed back at headquarters.

For those who are curious click and see if things turn green

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