The Leftist Mission To Kill America

The Leftist Mission To Kill America Featured

The Leftist Mission To Kill America
The Future of the United States Under Leftist Control is on Display In Major Cities
By: Ron Edwards

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the Diamond and Silk movie Dummycrats.  While I completely understand why the firebrand sisters titled their movie as such, when one looks into the issues at hand it is logical to conclude that the politicians are not the only dummies. 

Take for example SanFrancisco.  Not many decades ago, she was known as one of the most beautiful cities on earth.  The normally ideal climate of cooler temperatures and bountiful natural beauty made the city by the bay an inspiration for the musical genius of Tony Bennet who expressed in song what millions of admirers had done for many years.  They left their hearts in San Francisco. 

However, thanks but no thanks to the purposeful dummying down and embitterment of millions of American students for several generations, it should no longer be shocking to learn that many indoctrinated dinks prefer squalor, ignorance, illegal border crossers and sidewalks filled with fecal matter over cleanliness, legal immigration and true knowledge.

 I know, you probably think I am off base.  But consider the voting patterns of generations of sovereign Americans who consistently choose politicians who now deny homeless Californians needed help to find work, housing and medical care.  While those same elected officials use American tax dollars to fund housing, medical care and foodstuffs for those who stream into our republic illegally. 

Crazy way-out Maxine Waters has been advocating for street demonstrations and harassing those who do not support illegal immigration, dirty streets, Antifa, Islamic Brotherhood and more.  If the population of leftists who support the likes of way out Waters had been properly educated, Ms. Maxine would not be elected as dog catcher. 

The same holds true for those who cannot seem to get enough of Nancy wicked witch of the west Pelosi.  She also presides over a California district where people openly poop in the streets and watch illegal border crossers receive preferential treatment while being encouraged not to assimilate into our American society. 

Both Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters along with every democrat and some rino republicans are together working to keep America on a self-destructive path of monumental proportions.  They literally hope to achieve from within, what no external enemy could ever accomplish.  The migrant caravan heading toward the United States is doing so with the permission of both the rino establishment and all democrats who lie to “We the People” saying we cannot enforce our own border. 

If we had worthwhile American oriented statesmen, they would tell Mexico no trade deal and Hondurans no aid until you stop allowing Honduran and other hordes from trekking through that country to our border.

Unfortunately, those running security for our borders are operating as conduits for all who wants to pour into our republic, our sovereignty be damned.  No country can maintain itself and sovereignty if the birthrate of illegal border crossers via the anchor baby debacle is greater than the birth rate of sovereign citizens.  It was recently reported that the anchor baby birthrate in Los Angeles, California is greater than the birthrate of sovereign Americans in thirteen states. 

If one considers the nationwide anchor baby birthrate and the massive millions of illegal border crossers, the United States could be turned into a self-destroyed third world hell hole within the next twenty years or maybe less. 

Another way the left is trying to destroy the republic from within is through over spending.  Despite the record amount of revenues pouring into government coffers due to tax cut induced greater economic activity, congressionalover spending has been purposely kept at two percent above the rate of tax collections. 

The reason is to break the United States economically.  The bottom line is, The United States is the last natural barrier to an overbearing internationalist cabal like the United Nations or worse that would totally wipe the concepts strong national sovereignty, individual and religious liberty off the face of the earth.  Yes, the political and religious left are literally on a mission to kill America.

But, so what?  I firmly believe that if, like the Founding Fathers, we seek Providential guidance, wisdom and be willing to fight the good fight, America the beautiful will prevail as our sweet land of liberty.  It comes down to how much “We the People” are willing to do what is needed to prevent the enemies from within from killing our beloved republic.

 America has a rendezvous with a God ordained destiny of greatness and you can help it to come to pass.  God bless you God bless America and may America bless God. 

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