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The Democrat's Second War On America

The Democrats' Second War On Liberty
By: Ron Edwards

One of the most horrendous legacies against individual rights and liberty throughout American history is the abysmal history of the Democrat Party founded by American Indian and black people-hating Andrew Jackson.  Like Muslims, communists, ANTIFA gumps, etc. most democrats do not have a soft spot for unalienable rights which come from God.

 Democrats have an overblown self-image of elitism and that the money you earn through working hard or smart belongs to them.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trashed the Trump tax cuts for working Americans as crumbs.  Yet, the grumpy government elitist recently let it be known that she wants those crumbs back into government coffers.  So much for caring about “We the People.”  In fact, with just a few exceptions thrown in for good measure, the democrats rarely cared about or liked people they could not control, or lord over. 

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