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Know The Real Racists
The Left Today Is No Different From The Past In Spite Of Modern Rhetoric
By: Ron Edwards

For many years, democrats have sought to either prevent people from obtaining liberty or have been trying to destroy liberty and justice for all.  They used physical slavery, hangings, Jim Crow, etc. 

In more recent decades people sharing their philosophy infiltrated the government school system.As a result, they have indoctrinated generations Americans into embracing policies and principles that could wipe out both freedom and liberty. 

Ironically, the democrat party of racism throughout much it’s history now points fingers at others they disagree with on issues unrelated to racism.  What a comedy of foolish political angling.  In fact, Systemic racism” and “institutional racism” are anti-American dogmas that drive the Democrat party platform. 

Democrats now publicly denounce every single economic and social positional difference between races and genders they can think of.  It is as if they can convince every living American that we are all supposed to exist in a world of equal results, with verybody having the same this and the same that, no matter what.

 One has to wonder, if the Democrats get their way with everybody the same, what level of living would they decide every sovereign individual, gender and racial group should exist in?  In fact, Democrats often carp about “The Racial Wealth Gap.”   Here is one of their statements about the “Racial Wealth Gap.” 

“America’s economic inequality problem is even pronounced when it comes to racial and economic disparities in wealth and income.  It is unacceptable that the median wealth for African Americans and Latin Americans is roughly one-tenth that of white Americans.  These disparities are also stark for American Indians and certain Asian American subgroups, and many become even more significant when considering other characteristics such as age, disability status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” 

All that is fine and dandy if that narrow approach is all that is recognized.  But let’s be open to a few other possibilities.   First and foremost, among the major reasons that Americans who happen to be black “not hyphenated” Americans in great numbers have allowed themselves to be duped into operating under a socialist, bitter and victimology mindset which sets them up to lag far behind other segments of society that avoids such pitfall economically. 

When Frederick Douglas decided to free himself from both the physical and mental shackles he experienced as a slave he set out to learn about success and adopt the principles for success in his own life.  As a result, Douglas maneuvered himself to the upper economic rungs of society, by both hard and smart work. He also rejected the mentality of a victim or beaten down bitter slug. 

In addition, Mr. Frederick Douglas sought to learn the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Holy Bible for himself. He quickly found out that what he was told by his democrat former masters was not true.  For example, when Douglas read that all men are created equal and about our unalienable rights which come from God, he grew to appreciate this republic. 

Yes, Douglas continued to vigorously fight against slavery and racism, but he did so,understanding that some people in America committed awful acts, but overall this was a great republic with high ideals worth fighting for. 

Generations of black Americans after Frederick Douglas’s time were just as patriotic as their white counterparts. That was despite the horrors of the KKK, Jim Crow and the racism that reemerged as a major force during the Democrat Woodrow Wilson regime.  They intelligently understood that overcoming the racist Democrats not the entire country was the correct mission at hand.  Of course, they were n

ot victims of subpar education and superior indoctrination against everything good, including the United States of America as the youth of today are.  

People often yelp about the economic differences between black and white Americans.  But they either ignore or do not know that black West Indians who legally immigrate to this country on average earn as much money as white Americans.

 In some cases, they outperform white American income earners.  Not because of manipulative government programs to force equal results, but because they take advantage of the blessings of equal opportunity through both hard and smart work ethics.  There are no boogieman republicans gumming up the works legislatively to stop Blacks or anyone from succeeding.  Now just as always it is the democrats who wish to weaken everyone, especially blacks in order to control them and rely on their faithful votes.  

Not only are Democrats racists, but they are also socialists, communists and in some cases pedophile promoters.  Yes, they are a nasty bunch.  Pelosi and others are chomping at the bit to make life more difficult for everybody, especially those on the lower economic rungs, including many American minorities by raising taxes and increasing oppressive regulations.  My fellow Americansthe time is now to refuse what the deep state, swamp dwellers, Democrats, racists and leftist bigots are trying to force upon our republic.  I believe with Providential guidance and a no quit effort together we will make America great again.

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