Either End Democracy Or America could Be Terminated

Either End Democracy Or America could Be Terminated Featured

Either End Democracy Or America could Be Terminated
"Mob Rule" Was Never The Intent Of The Founders And Is Causing America's Decline
By: Ron Edwards

The current economic state of affairs in the United States is very good to say the very least.  Unemployment is way down, a half million manufacturing jobs have opened up throughout the great states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and elsewhere.

Our current patriotic president Donald J. Trump reversed the deadly trend of depleting our military by former president Barack Hussein Obama.  The U.S. Stock Market has been a blessing for investors, overall things are good and getting better for our nation.  But one big problem hidden right in front of us and could at anytime unravel and destroy our national stature and greatness. 

America’s Founding Fathers set in motion the unique concepts to form this one nation under God Republic based upon unalienable rights of individuals which come from God.  

When Jesus died on the cross, he gave the ultimate sacrifice for you, not the mob.  In other words, God places the utmost importance on every one of us and does not reduce our worth, or our individual rights just because a mob shows up and wants to overrule the one person’s freedom of religion for example. 

The Founders rightfully detested democracy, or what my Dad and other wise Americans dubbed mob rule.  Here is an excerpt from the book Mobocracy “this is what democracy looks like” authored by Jake Jacobs Ph.D.  John Adams’ 1763 “An essay on Man’s Lust for Power” describes how democracy degenerates into anarchy or mobocracy.  Our Founders did not give us a democracy but a glorious Constitutional Republic under God which is under heavy attack today on many cultural and political fronts across the United States of America. 

Unfortunately, everywhere ranging from major American institutions to the streets of New York City, Cleveland, Oakland, California, Atlanta, Madison, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and elsewherethere is a massive mob of radical anti-constitutionally limited government communists.  They are joined by ANTIFA haters of America, communists, illegal border crossers, Islamists, bitter blacks, hate filled feminazis, pedophilia pushers. Let us not forget the collectivist big government Left-wing ideologues who say, “this is what democracy looks like!”  No wonder Ben Franklin warned “It’s a Republic ma'am, if you can keep it”.

European-socialist style mobocracy mobs across our republic carry signs of ubiquitous socialist pig rhetoric and militantly wave their clenched fists in the air.  Their cowardly mobs will find one or two patriots and hound them like a pack of coyotes or hyenas would a wounded rabbit.  Remember the gumps that harassed Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk in the so-called city of “brotherly love” when they were simply trying to have breakfast?

 The leftist anarchists constantly say they are fighting against racism and for social justice.  That tired old lie should be stopped. Then people should fess up and admit their real motive and mission.  The truth is, leftists are working to totally wipe away free enterprise and our glorious Republic under God concept from the earth. 

Democracy is their tool to try and secure their nightmare for America.  Those leftist activists and democrats in general do not care one little bit about maintaining strong families or a strong economy.  They completely understand that a morally sound, well educated “not indoctrinated’ population of patriots who love God, country and family cannot be manipulated into accepting their own peril as an acceptable way of life.  That is why, decades ago they gained control of inner city government schools and gradually changed vast numbers of black Americans from highly moral patriotic members of society moving up the economic ladder into a bitter, struggling, infighting broken family population lagging behind the majority of Americans economically. The one exception is American Indians. For the record, there are great achieving black Americans. But percentage wise, higher numbers of black Americans were convinced to abort their babies, shoot each other in the streets, then blame police brutality for the great number of blacks being shot and hate America with a level of self-destructive bitterness that could only be matched by a woman’s scorn.

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