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Era of Animosity

Era of Animosity
A Psychological Point of View on the Obama Presidency 


Citizen Reporter: Commentary

By: Deputy Contributer, T. Grimwall


In psychology, to comprehend your present state of being you must acquire an analysis of how you got there. So the Process of analysis is a form of expository analysis designed to convey to the client how specific changes have taken place through a series of stages of exposing layers of events. 

 As such, taking on a psychoanalytical point of view, we analyze the past sequence of events that not just Obama created but his entire administration. So how did they create "the era of animosity”? To define this we would have to point that out instead of implementing what positive strides America has gone through and to appreciate the diversity of the United States citizenry because America is the melting pot of the world. Obama has Attacked the positive things we've all worked hard for, the very basis of our determinism, our creativity, and our Americanism.

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