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Era of Animosity
A Psychological Point of View on the Obama Presidency 


Citizen Reporter: Commentary

By: Deputy Contributer, T. Grimwall


In psychology, to comprehend your present state of being you must acquire an analysis of how you got there. So the Process of analysis is a form of expository analysis designed to convey to the client how specific changes have taken place through a series of stages of exposing layers of events. 

 As such, taking on a psychoanalytical point of view, we analyze the past sequence of events that not just Obama created but his entire administration. So how did they create "the era of animosity”? To define this we would have to point that out instead of implementing what positive strides America has gone through and to appreciate the diversity of the United States citizenry because America is the melting pot of the world. Obama has Attacked the positive things we've all worked hard for, the very basis of our determinism, our creativity, and our Americanism.

 Obama has been much like someone who is constantly reminding us of our past mistakes as a child even though we have corrected and perfected our attitude and have achieved adulthood. The United States has come a long way and has grown in a multitude of positive ways since the birth of the nation. Of course we're going to make mistakes.  It's all a part of growing up. Obviously something Mr. Obama and his wife haven't taken into account. 

       In Obama’s speech at Howard University, he said "No, my election did not create a post-racial society. I don't know who was propagating that notion, but that was not mine." Really Mr. Obama? In child psychology if a child comes up to you out of nowhere and said “I didn't do anything!" Obviously he's done something!

Mr. Obama claims innocence while haphazardly not saying much to thwart any riots either. By inaction, one’s non-verbal body language is taken as permission to do just so! It's been widely established that Barrack Obama, the first mixed race president who had a chance to bring people together, especially in race relations, failed miserably as a president, from “Fast and Furious”, to rewarding criminals in sanctuary cities. Now consider this: I ask you, does this sound level- headed and logical ?

He gave the go ahead to Al Sharpton, a sluggish mean-spirited know-nothing, to go around fanning the flames of hatred and racism. I'm not sure where this guy got his credentials from but he should surrender them because he doesn't quite fit the reverend profile, unless, of course, he's a Satanist! Obama had him at the White House multiple times so he's guilty by association and probably because Al owes the federal government an excess of 4 million dollars.

Instead he created an era of animosity. Little does Mr. Obama know that through his presidency he caused a bigger rift in racial tensions than anyone did in this Century? Instead of quelling any tension that existed he has fanned the flames and created a Forrest fire. He also proved to the black population that he did nothing for them to qualify as helping with jobs or peace in the inner city.

Giving away phones and creating a government health care system that is slowly imploding doesn't count as help! Let's not even go into signing the Paris Accord so Europe and other countries can bilk us out of trillions of dollars and millions of jobs!  Another catastrophe is university diversity! Unfortunately Obama only worsened conditions that existed and if you look at what the colleges are doing these days with bathroom policies, “safe-space”, rooms and special privileges shared by liberal professors to teach garbage!  

Also consider Conservatism Is a “stigmatized minority” in colleges even though liberals preach coexistence and tolerance but don't necessarily put it to practice!  It seems some individuals like to push beyond certain limitations and go whole hog on pushing slavery in your face like Mrs. Barrack Obama. I would like to tell her that she's 125 years too late with her comment on this and for some strange reason she tends to focus on the negativity of our great country instead of saying we are a cauldron of ethnicities that come together at doing the best we can. She summons up in a vengeful tone from her time machine that there were slaves who built the White House!

Oh my God, yes there were black slaves that were sold to white slave masters but the slave masters bought their slaves from black Africans who created the market! Let's get this right now because who is really offending who in this circle of “guilty” individuals who profited from selling black human beings.....both black and white were involved! That should burst your liberal bubble and remind you to realize that your ethnicity is just as responsible....note to Mrs. Obama: slavery ended way over a hundred years ago! The civil war was fought over it and I think after the deaths of over 600,000 lives America has atoned itself over its mistake of slavery.

There is really nothing Mr. or Mrs. Obama can really do about slavery since it's in the past! Just like World War II the past is gone and attempting to make individuals feel guilty over something that happened over a hundred years ago is really an absurd notion—a complete waste of energy! And anyone who allows themselves to feel guilty over something they didn't do needs a psychiatrist!

So is there really anything called White privilege? Doubtful, I think it’s more like "intelligence privilege" or "know how "privilege! Whatever happened to individuals who work hard and get ahead by having a good education or a great work ethic? Whatever happened to good old fashioned creativity and inventiveness?

Why would he antagonize white America and create a rift between the blacks and whites? When we all know that you must put effort in your work to be noticed. There are black and white millionaires throughout the nation. I met a black gentleman who works for a tire company who has worked for this company many decades and enjoys his work!

He is a specialist in his field. They send him out to change tires. Although it sounds like menial labor, it’s his attitude about his job that makes a huge difference. Where many black or white individuals would say “shove that job”, this guy is a wiz at changing big-rig tires, to specialized experimental vehicles, and even planes. He makes it look too easy!

It's just that he never takes “No” for an answer. If it can be done he can do it! Like I said, it's all in the attitude! So Instead of Obama bringing us all together as the great country we really are, he instead set race relations back 50 years! Shame on you Obama!

Just remember when you step down from that metaphoric curb you can do one of two things, either go against the lights like you did or go with the lights and walk across the street with everyone and make it work for everyone! The only thing I can say after 8 long grueling years is Shame on you and your “era of animosity! You really could have been a great president. As a nation we can learn from our mistakes as we have before.

Hindsight is always “20/20”. It's time now to seek homeostasis, to seek a balance in our rhetori, in our attitude, and in our lives. It's time to stop playing these activist games and seek what is virtuous by searching for the truth. To build a nation of practitioners who believe in Americanism. It is truly the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the revitalization and reinstituting of America.

 Let us start to build a bridge so that we can meet in the middle. 

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