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Reader Commentary: Media Obsessed With Maintaining Imbalance

BY: Deputy Contributor, Lee Tabin
Musings: I keep reading and observing that the country has gone tribal and based on the hostility between many in the two parties it is hard to argue with the theory, but there are some peculiarities and questions that relate solely to our recent history.
We had a president who was virtually NEVER criticized by the MSM even though his policies in my judgment were generally failures and the polls showed them to be such.
He is followed by a president(Donald Trump) whose personal conduct makes him very easy to criticize and the very close election pours fuel on the fire. And he has been criticized WAY more than any new president I can remember.

He(Trump) is also obviously unethical and a demagogue. And that juxtaposition alone makes the press's anger toward him white hot. However, there are some peculiarities. First, he is the most liberal of any modern Republican president and, while non ideological, has most of his adult life, identified as a Democrat.
The situation in the world is so severe that I think when our senate and congress concentrates on hurting the other side rather than improving the lot of everyone, it is particularly damaging. It is incredible how one sided the media is in what they do not report and what they obsess about. They are sort of like Trump in their penchant for OBSESSION.
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