WIGGLE ROOM: RNC VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS HILLARY’S BARE FACED LIES“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email” Steve Watson | Infowars.com - FEBRUARY 22, 2016

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email”

By: Steve Watson | Infowars.com - FEBRUARY 22, 2016

Wiggle Room: RNC Video Highlights Hillary's BARE FACED LIES

A new Republican National Committee (RNC) video seizes upon Hillary Clinton’s bizarre comments in an interview last week when she refused to say she has not and will not lie to the American people.
Entitled ‘Wiggle Room’, the video highlights Clinton’s claim that “I’ve always tried to,” when she was asked ‘have you always told the truth?’ by CBS anchor Scott Pelley.

Pelley cited Jimmy Carter’s infamous declaration to voters in 1976 that “I will not lie to you”
Visibly squirming and wide eyed, Hillary also responded “I don’t believe I ever have” lied to the American people.
“Some might call that ‘wiggle room'” Pelley noted after an awkward silence.
The RNC ad splices in footage of bold faced lies and deceptions Hillary has been guilty of in recent years.
“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email,” Clinton claimed at a press conference last year, which has been proven to be totally false with the release of batches of emails she sent while serving as Secretary of State.
The ad contains a further clip of Clinton making false claims regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack on the US consulate.
Hillary had claimed that the incident was not a planned terrorist attack, but rather an impromptu ‘riot’ spurred by an anti-Islamic video circulating on YouTube.
This was proven to be false, and Clinton’s emails, including correspondence with her own daughter, revealed that she knew all along it was a coordinated terror attack.
In a recent YouGov poll, 56 percent of voters said that they do not believe Clinton to be honest or trustworthy, making her the least trusted of all Democratic and Republican candidates.
Meanwhile, the ongoing controversy over Clinton’s huge Wall Street pay day speeches rumbles on, with rumours emerging that a reporter is sitting on the transcripts from the speeches Clinton made to Goldman Sachs executives.


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