Top Democrats: Obama ‘Broke Our Party’

Top Democrats: Obama ‘Broke Our Party’
November 20, 2014 By Greg Campbell
It is no secret that President Obama has become absolutely toxic for the Democrat Party. Whereas once, not too long ago, Obama represented the shining hope of the left that would, through sheer charisma and rhetoric, move the country seamlessly down the socialist path trodden by Europe, the twisty road has been marred with hang-ups and roadblocks thrown forth by Republicans who recognize the path of ruin this country is on.
Though the Democrats have remained skilled at delaying the economic breakdown of their disastrous policies, the long-term effects of Obamacare and socialist policies aimed at punishing the rich will be another president and another Congress’ problem. Like how Reaganomics benefited Clinton, Obamanomics will have longstanding repercussions for future leaders.
Still, Democrats are enduring the consequences of Obama’s failed leadership earlier than most could have predicted. With Obamacare a toxic “achievement” about which the left cannot brag, Democrats in November had few accomplishments to note and as such, they paid dearly.
However, according to a report in POLITICO, former Clinton advisor Donna Brazile and Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee saw the problems facing Democrats and blamed the Party’s poor election prospects squarely on the failed leadership of President Obama.
POLITICO reports on Democrats’ dissatisfaction: 
Enough, Donna Brazile told White House political director David Simas the day after the midterms.
Democrats are in worse shape than when President Barack Obama came into office — the number of seats they have in Congress, the number of governors, a party approval rating that’s fallen behind Republicans for the first time in recent history, enthusiasm, energy. The White House, Brazile said when she came to meet with Simas, has got to focus for the next two years on getting the party into better shape, and Obama’s the best and most effective person to get out the message. 
The message has been lost. The Democrats, for years, have maintained that the GOP is “the party of ‘no,’” yet, the Democrats seem to stand for little else but the occasional heavy-handed executive order or rhetoric centered on a worn-out and fictitious war on women. 
“People are licking their wounds… trying to figure out where they go from here: ‘Can we be the phoenix rising from the ashes?’ Where are these issues where he’s going to dig in his heels and fight? Where does he compromise with Republicans, and how does he manage the politics of that?” said a Democratic strategist familiar with the White House. …
Great, Democrats say. Now make something of it. Talk about the economic progress that’s happened. Talk about how to achieve job growth to build on it.
“The best thing he can do is focus on income inequality, and talk about and propose things, and just be a fierce advocate for addressing the economic divide,” said another Democratic strategist with ties to the White House. “That will leave people after two years saying the Democratic Party really stands for something.” 
However, in order for the American people to actually “buy” the Democratic message, they will have to be convinced that there has, indeed, been an improvement in economic stability.
What Democrats have done is carefully manipulate the numbers and propped-up failing markets so that when they crash down upon the heads of the Middle Class, it will have happened on somebody else’s shift.
Though some might call this perspective cynical, the fact is that the American people simply do not buy the Democrats’ economic prosperity pitches because after 6 years of an Obama presidency and 8 years of a Democrat-controlled Senate, there is little marked improvement in the day-to-day lives of the American people and that is because the economic “progress” touted by Democrats is one of smoke and mirrors. 
President Obama’s biggest problem over the next two years may not be coming from recalcitrant Republicans, but from members of his own party blanching at his activist agenda over the final two years of his presidency. While the midterm election results suggested widespread dissatisfaction with the president’s policies, Obama nonetheless is planning to press forward on several polarizing decisions in his final two years. It could help advance his legacy, but come at the expense of the Democratic Party’s long-term health.
Three of the administration’s biggest agenda items—threatening a veto of bipartisan legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, reaching a nuclear deal with Iran, and issuing an executive order legalizing millions of illegal immigrants—divide Democrats, and unite Republicans. If the president moves forward with all of them, it would aggravate fissures in an increasingly-divided Democratic Party. And it would put Hillary Clinton, his party’s expected 2016 standard-bearer, in an uncomfortable position even before she announces her candidacy. She’s already avoided taking stances, if not outright rejecting the direction Obama is heading during his final two years in office.
The dirty secret in Washington is that while Obama (rightly) blamed Republicans for holding positions to the right of the American electorate, the president is pursuing policies that are equally as far to the left. 
Whatever “mandate” Obama believes he once had simply no longer exists. The American people have spoken: reverse course and take a hard turn to the right. 
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