MSNBC Admits to Using Bogus Photo on NAACP Bombing Story

MSNBC Admits to Using Bogus Photo on NAACP Bombing Story; Their Apology is Beyond Pathetic
January 10, 2015 By Jennifer Burke
When MSNBC Chris Hayes reported on the attempted bombing of an NAACP office in Colorado Springs, a photo was used to better fit the narrative the network was obviously trying to push. The photo used was taken from an incident in France. A negligible amount of damage was done to the actual building in Colorado, but some on the left have been trying to equate it with the massacre of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine offices in Paris by Muslim terrorists.
The station has built a reputation of doctoring, i.e. falsifying, things to fit their narrative, so this may come as no surprise to some. What is surprising is that Chris Hayes actually acknowledged their mistake with an apology, well sort of.
My bad? Really? That is the lame excuse of an apology that a 5th grader would give to their teacher, not one you would expect from a supposed news organization. 
Users on Twitter called him out for this lame apology.
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