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  • Why Does David Hogg Say He Was NOT At School When The Shooting Started?

  • Leftist Thrown Under Bus, By Leftists!

    Leftist Thrown Under Bus, By Leftists!
     Zuckerberg Gave Complete Access to Obama,But Accused of Helping Trump!
    As FB/Twitter Implode, New Social Media Platforms Poised To Restore Free Speech To Users

    Facebook stocks plummet as left once again eats itself, this time by throwing prominent leftist, Mark Zuckerberg under the bus.

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  • Reporting History To Fit ACommunist Narrative Will NOT Set You Free

    Reporting History To Fit ACommunist Narrative Will NOT Set You Free
    But It Will Steal Liberty In The Name of “Human Rights” 
    By:Jake Fogg 

    Leftist writer Christopher Keelty decided to go on an age-old typical rant on how bad the United States is in his “It Was Never About Liberty” piece on Medium.com.

    His amusing attempt to yet again slander American Exceptionalism tries to push most major progressive talking points but, as usual, ignores many historical points that contradict his very arguments.

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  • Oregon Gov. Brown Caught Lying About Historic Gun Law

    Oregon Gov. Brown Caught Lying About "Historic" Gun Law!
    New Sexist Law: One Night Stand Could Result In Loss of Gun Rights
    By:Jake Fogg 

    Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, continued her assault on freedom yesterday when she signed into law yet another piece of legislation that chips away at

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Media Reports 'Trump Mentally Unfit' After Leftist Meeting With Yale Psych

Media Reports 'Trump Mentally Unfit' After Leftist Meeting With Yale Psych
According to MSM, All Republican Presidents Are 'Mentally Ill'
By:Jake Fogg 

CNN, a member of the deep-state media complex, reported that a progressive ideologue who is a Yale psychiatrist made a clinical statement regarding Donald Trump’s ability to govern, thus continuing an old narrative used by leftists on previous Republican Presidents of the past. 

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