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South Korea Rejects North Korean Call for Canceling Planned Military Drills with US

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 10:11 Written by
By: The Associated Press
SEOUL, South Korea –  South Korea has dismissed North Korean proposals to reduce tensions, including the cancellation of South Korean military drills with the U.S., calling them insincere.
North Korea's powerful National Defense Commission made the proposals Monday, describing the planned drills as a rehearsal for invasion. It also suggested that the two Koreas halt hostile military acts against each other at border areas and stop psychological warfare. South Korea and the U.S. deny that they seek to invade the North.
Seoul's Unification Ministry said Tuesday that North Korea must first demonstrate that it is serious about nuclear disarmament if it truly wants peace.
The ministry accused North Korea of breaking an earlier agreement to stop mutual slander.
Analysts say North Korea wants better ties with South Korea to help revive its stagnant economy.

Saudi King Names New Intelligence Chief, Appoints Former Spy Head as Adviser and Envoy

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 10:07 Written by
By: The Associated Press
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia –  Saudi Arabia's state news agency says King Abdullah has named a new intelligence chief and elevated a former spy chief to a new advisory position.
The Saudi Press Agency late Monday said the king named Prince Khalid bin Bandar to the post of chief of general intelligence. Khalid was relieved of his post as deputy defense minister on Saturday, barely six weeks after he was appointed.
In a separate decree, the monarch named the former intelligence chief, Bandar bin Sultan, as adviser and special envoy to the king.
Bandar was ambassador to the U.S. for 22 years before becoming director general of Saudi Intelligence Agency in July 2012. He played a key role in overseeing the kingdom's support for Syrian rebels before being relieved of his post earlier this year.

Israel Vows Retaliation After Bodies of 3 Missing Teens Discovered in West Bank

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 10:03 Written by
Israel vowed retaliation on Monday after the bodies of three teenagers who were kidnapped more than two weeks ago were discovered in the West Bank.
The bodies of the youths -- including one with U.S. citizenship -- were found just north of Hebron, and led to outpourings of grief and rage in the Jewish State, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing "Hamas will pay."
The Israeli air force conducted strikes early Tuesday morning against 34 targets in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks against Israel's southern communities. It was not immediately clear if the airstrikes, which targeted Hamas and Islamic Jihad assets in the strip and came after more than 20 rockets were fired into southern Israel over the past two days, resulted in any casualties, the Jerusalm Post reported.
Also on Tuesday, a Palestinian who Israel said was a member of Hamas was shot dead when he threw a grenade at forces carrying out an arrest raid in the West Bank. The man was the first casualty since the bodies were found.
Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, a 16-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship, disappeared on June 12 while hitchhiking home. The teens' bodies were found Monday in a shallow grave in an open field in the West Bank village of Halhul, and a Defense official said based on the investigation that the teens were shot soon after they were abducted. He spoke anonymously in line with protocol as the investigation is still ongoing.

Aereo Suspends Operations After Supreme Court Verdict

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:57 Written by
By: The Associated Press
NEW YORK –  Online-streaming service Aereo Inc. is temporarily closing down its operation, three days after it was dealt an unfavorable ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.
"We have decided to pause our operations temporarily as we consult with the court and map out our next steps," Aereo's Chief Executive Officer Chet Kanojia wrote in a letter to customers posted on its website Saturday.
"The spectrum that the broadcasters use to transmit over the air programming belongs to the American public and we believe you should have the right to access that live programming whether your antenna sits on the roof of your home, on top of your television or in the cloud."
The Supreme Court dealt Aereo, backed by Barry Diller, a major setback on Wednesday in ruling that the television-over-the-Internet service operates much like a cable TV company. As a result, the service violates copyright law unless Aereo pays broadcasters licensing fees for offering TV stations to customers' tablets, phones and other gadgets.
But although the Supreme Court expressed its thinking on the law, it's the U.S. District Court in New York that must issue a preliminary injunction stopping the service, as requested by broadcasters.

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Superfast Internet Makes a Kansas City Neighborhood a Hot Spot for Startups

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:52 Written by
By: Lauren Blanchard
KANSAS CITY –  Innovators attracted by a high-speed connection are flocking to a startup village in Kansas City, turning this Midwestern city into a tech hub.
Google Fiber, high-speed Internet almost 100 times faster than what most Americans use, was installed in Kansas City back in 2012. It is drawing in innovators from across the world and has become a hotspot, not only for the high-speed connection, but also for the close proximity of other entrepreneurs and startups.  One cluster of companies, called the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV), has workspaces located within a few blocks of each other. It looks like a regular neighborhood with trees and quiet streets, except for the red flags outside the homes housing the tech startups. 
One five bedroom house in the neighborhood is called The Hacker House. It has a white front porch and creaky stairs. It’s outfitted with 18 Ethernet cables throughout the various rooms, allowing hackers to plug-in almost anywhere, except the bathroom. The owner of the house, Benjamin Barreth, said that’s the only room where they don’t encourage people to log on. Four of the rooms are reserved for entrepreneurs and startups who apply for a three-month program to stay in the village rent-free.
One room is reserved for people who want to check out the area or just use the Internet.

Tech Q&A: Keeping Passwords Safe, Best Road Trip Apps and More

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:48 Written by
By: Kim Komando
Best way to keep your passwords safe
Q. I'm currently using an SD card to store my passwords. When I want access to a program, I plug it in and copy and paste my passwords accordingly. Is this safe?
A.  The short answer is no, there's more you can do to protect your passwords. If you keep your passwords on an SD card, anyone can walk away with them. So you want to make sure they're encrypted.
A password manager like KeePass is a good way to do this. You have to put in a master password every time you want to use it, so it keeps hackers out. Of course, with a program like that you can put it on your computer and just use the SD card as a backup in case your computer is damaged. 
It's also likely that your browser is saving your passwords and anyone can find them. So make sure any features like that are turned off - find out where these settings are. There's also the possibility that your computer gets infected with malware or a virus that could easily figure out your password. Be sure you have strong security software installed and you keep your browser updated.
Free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Best IPO Pace Since 2000

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:44 Written by
By: Katie Roof
The first half of the year is off to the best start since 2000 for U.S. IPOs, according to Dealogic. There have been 154 IPOs raising $36 billion in the first six months of the year, compared to 235 IPOs and $67 billion in the first half of 2000.
Leading the pack with the most IPOs is the healthcare sector, which has seen 55 IPOs raising $4.1 billion, largely stemming from a biotechnology boom. Technology has seen the most volume, with $10 billion raised from 33 offerings.
“We’ve seen a great first half of the year -- especially as we focus the lens on tech IPOs,” David Ethridge, head of the Capital Markets Group at the New York Stock Exchange, said.  “Another favorable trend we’ve enjoyed is non-U.S. tech companies going public here -- a positive acknowledgement of the U.S. having the deepest, most reliable capital markets in the world."
The Nasdaq has seen the most IPOs with 93, compared to 57 at the NYSE. But the NYSE had larger offerings, raising $20.7 billion in volume, compared with the Nasdaq’s $15 billion.
Venture-backed IPOs have had a strong turnout with 63 IPOs, compared to 30 in the first half of last year. The last time venture-backed IPOs had a stronger start was in 2000, with 166 deals priced in the first 6 months.
In terms of volume, this has been the best year ever for financial sponsors. Fifty-five private equity-backed IPOs have raised $24 billion so far this year.
IPOs have risen an average of 14% on the first day of trading, a milder “pop” than the average of 17% seen in 2013. Shares rose 13% in 2012  and 10% and 2011.

Twitter Acquires AdTech’s TapCommerce, Rolls out App Ads

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:39 Written by
By: Katie Roof
Twitter (TWTR) had multiple mobile ad announcements on Monday, including its acquisition of TapCommerce, a New York advertising technology firm. The social media company is also introducing ads for mobile app installations.
Although Twitter has not yet revealed the price, Re/Code reports that TapCommerce is being purchased for about $100 million. The company uses a “retargeting” strategy to try to get users to look at apps they have previously downloaded.
“Advertisers spend aggressively to get new users, but re-activating existing or previous users can provide just as attractive a return on investment,” Richard Alfonsi, VP of Twitter Global Online Sales, said in a blog post. “TapCommerce enables real-time programmatic mobile ad buying across multiple exchanges reaching over 50,000 apps.”
TapCommerce has raised $12 million in funding from RRE Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Eniac Ventures and Nextview ventures. Its most recent round was in November.
Earlier on Monday, Twitter unveiled its new plans for mobile app installs, similar to a service that has proven successful for Facebook (FB). Users will see app installation suggestions in their news stream.
Twitter had been beta testing this service and reportedly had strong results. This could be a significant new way for Twitter to generate revenue.


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