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Best IPO Pace Since 2000

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:44 Written by
By: Katie Roof
The first half of the year is off to the best start since 2000 for U.S. IPOs, according to Dealogic. There have been 154 IPOs raising $36 billion in the first six months of the year, compared to 235 IPOs and $67 billion in the first half of 2000.
Leading the pack with the most IPOs is the healthcare sector, which has seen 55 IPOs raising $4.1 billion, largely stemming from a biotechnology boom. Technology has seen the most volume, with $10 billion raised from 33 offerings.
“We’ve seen a great first half of the year -- especially as we focus the lens on tech IPOs,” David Ethridge, head of the Capital Markets Group at the New York Stock Exchange, said.  “Another favorable trend we’ve enjoyed is non-U.S. tech companies going public here -- a positive acknowledgement of the U.S. having the deepest, most reliable capital markets in the world."
The Nasdaq has seen the most IPOs with 93, compared to 57 at the NYSE. But the NYSE had larger offerings, raising $20.7 billion in volume, compared with the Nasdaq’s $15 billion.
Venture-backed IPOs have had a strong turnout with 63 IPOs, compared to 30 in the first half of last year. The last time venture-backed IPOs had a stronger start was in 2000, with 166 deals priced in the first 6 months.
In terms of volume, this has been the best year ever for financial sponsors. Fifty-five private equity-backed IPOs have raised $24 billion so far this year.
IPOs have risen an average of 14% on the first day of trading, a milder “pop” than the average of 17% seen in 2013. Shares rose 13% in 2012  and 10% and 2011.

Twitter Acquires AdTech’s TapCommerce, Rolls out App Ads

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:39 Written by
By: Katie Roof
Twitter (TWTR) had multiple mobile ad announcements on Monday, including its acquisition of TapCommerce, a New York advertising technology firm. The social media company is also introducing ads for mobile app installations.
Although Twitter has not yet revealed the price, Re/Code reports that TapCommerce is being purchased for about $100 million. The company uses a “retargeting” strategy to try to get users to look at apps they have previously downloaded.
“Advertisers spend aggressively to get new users, but re-activating existing or previous users can provide just as attractive a return on investment,” Richard Alfonsi, VP of Twitter Global Online Sales, said in a blog post. “TapCommerce enables real-time programmatic mobile ad buying across multiple exchanges reaching over 50,000 apps.”
TapCommerce has raised $12 million in funding from RRE Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Eniac Ventures and Nextview ventures. Its most recent round was in November.
Earlier on Monday, Twitter unveiled its new plans for mobile app installs, similar to a service that has proven successful for Facebook (FB). Users will see app installation suggestions in their news stream.
Twitter had been beta testing this service and reportedly had strong results. This could be a significant new way for Twitter to generate revenue.

Boston’s Solar-Powered Benches Charge Your Phone

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:35 Written by

By: Williams Pelegrin
If you’re someone who’s tired of having your phone die on you while you’re watching your kid or feeding the pigeons, Boston’s pilot program might interest you. The city is installing solar-powered benches, which allow certain smartphones and other devices to charge while you become one with man-made nature, as reported by The Boston Globe.
In addition to charging your phone, the benches, called “Soofas,” connect wirelessly to Verizon’s network, relaying location-based environmental information to you, such as air quality and noise-level data. Boston will be installing Soofas in several parks over the next week, which include Titus Sparrow Park, the Boston Common, and the Rose Kennedy Greenway.
The Soofas were created by Changing Environments, a spinoff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and a Verizon Innovation Program. “We are fortunate to have talented entrepreneurs and makers in Boston thinking creatively about sustainability and the next generation of amenities for our residents,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh.
The first units will be funded by Cisco Systems, though Boston officials are asking residents what other parks the Soofas should be installed at. Residents can also recommend what the name of the Soofas in each park should be. Submissions must be entered by July 11.

Illegals Bankrupting Small Towns in Border States

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:27 Written by
Small towns and counties in states bordering Mexico are drowning in debt due to the swarm of illegals stealing and destroying property, requiring expensive medical care and needing proper burials, all of which the federal government has largely refused to pay for.
For example, in Brooks Co., Texas, which is 75 miles north of the Mexican border, county judge Raul M. Ramirez told Infowars that autopsies of dead illegal aliens are rapidly draining his county’s resources which were already meager after the oil & gas industry left town.
“It was the loss of oil & gas revenue, compounded with the amount that we spend dealing with autopsies, wear and tear of [county] vehicles, the sheriff’s department, the JPs [Justices of the Peace], the magistrates, death certificates, all the paperwork that’s entailed and getting out to areas that are very, very remote,” he said. “I personally have been taken to pronounce a body [of an illegal immigrant dead] when the sheriff’s officer said ‘oh, there went the transmission’ and we had to call a wrecker to come get us.”
“Thank God for the Border Patrol; they were able to take us to where the immigrant was.”
But that was about the only federal help Brooks Co. has received, even though the Obama administration has admitted that it is responsible for this mass influx of illegals, which has hit over 90,000 since last October and will more than double by this October.

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US Flying Armed Drones in Iraq

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:17 Written by
Armed U.S. drones have started flying over Baghdad to provide additional protection for 180 U.S. military advisers in the area, a U.S. official told CNN on Friday.
But using the drones for any offensive strikes against ISIS would require approval from U.S. President Barack Obama.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in a speech during a visit Friday to the Baghdad Operations Command, insisted the capital was not in danger.
“We have an army to respond to the catastrophe that has occurred, and Baghdad is safe and cannot be exposed to instability,” he said, according to a statement released by his office.
Human Rights Watch, citing displaced residents and local activists and journalists, said Saturday that ISIS fighters kidnapped at least 40 Shiite Turkmen, dynamited four Shia places of worship, and ransacked homes and farms in two Shia villages just outside Mosul.
The few Sunni villagers who remained in Guba and Shireekhan told those who fled that at least some of the kidnapped Turkmen had been killed, the rights group said. However, they had not seen bodies and could not give more information.
ISIS destroyed seven Shia places of worship in the predominantly Shia Turkmen city of Tal Afar, about 30 miles west of Mosul, earlier in the week, Human Rights Watch added, citing local sources.
"The ISIS rampage is part of a long pattern of attack by armed Sunni extremists on Turkmen and other minorities," said Letta Tayler, senior terrorism and counterterrorism researcher at Human Rights Watch. "The killing, bombing, and pillaging threatens to displace entire communities, possibly forever."

Cold War Renewed with a Vengeance While Washingtom Again Lies

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 09:08 Written by
The Cold War made a lot of money for the military/security complex for four decades dating from Churchill’s March 5, 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri declaring a Soviet “Iron Curtain” until Reagan and Gorbachev ended the Cold War in the late 1980s. During the Cold War Americans heard endlessly about “the Captive Nations.” The Captive Nations were the Baltics and the Soviet bloc, usually summarized as “Eastern Europe.”
These nations were captive because their foreign policies were dictated by Moscow, just as these same Captive Nations, plus the UK, Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Georgia, and Ukraine, have their foreign policies dictated today by Washington. Washington intends to expand the Captive Nations to include Azerbaijan, former constituent parts of Soviet Central Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.
During the Cold War Americans thought of Western Europe and Great Britain as independent sovereign countries. Whether they were or not, they most certainly are not today. We are now almost seven decades after WWII, and US troops still occupy Germany. No European government dares to take a stance different from that of the US Department of State.
Not long ago there was talk both in the UK and Germany about departing the European Union, and Washington told both countries that talk of that kind must stop as it was not in Washington’s interest for any country to exit the EU. The talk stopped. Great Britain and Germany are such complete vassals of Washington that neither country can publicly discuss its own future.

Martin Armstrong Warns Civil Unrest is Rising Everywhere: “This Won't End Pretty”

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 08:59 Written by
The greatest problem we have is misinformation. People simply do not comprehend why and how the economic policies of the post-war era are imploding. This whole agenda of socialism has sold a Utopian idea that the State is there for the people yet it is run by lawyers following their own self-interest. The pensions created for those in government drive the cost of government up exponentially with time. The political forces blame the rich and this merely creates a class warfare with no resolution for the future. Even confiscating all the wealth of the so-called rich will not sustain the system. Consequently, we just have to crash and burn and start all over again.
The Guardian reported that some 50,000 people marched in London to protest against austerity. They cried: “Who is really responsible for the mess this country is in? Is it the Polish fruit pickers or the Nigerian nurses? Or is it the bankers who plunged it into economic disaster – or the tax avoiders? It is selective anger.”
The exploitation by the bankers has been really a disaster. They have been their own worst enemy and in the end, they have become the symbol that inspires class warfare if not revolution. They are not the representatives of those who produce jobs. They are merely those who wanted to trade with other people’s money for free. When they win, it is their’s, but any losses are passed to the taxpayers. Bankers should be bankers – not hedge fund managers who keep 100% of the profits using other people’s savings.

Top NSA Officials: U.S. Has Turned into Stasi Germany or Soviet Union

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 08:51 Written by
Senior NSA executive Thomas Drake is an expert on spying in Stasi Germany … having studied it for years.
Drake told Washington’s Blog that the U.S. has adopted the Stasi model:
“Collect it all, know it all” [the NSA's model] is actually the Stasi model. It’s not just know everything; we have to be able to keep everything that we want to know, even if we don’t know it yet.
It’s a collect it all first mentality … and then we’ll get to know it all. I call it “feeding the beast”.
I keep shuddering because I’m intimately familiar with the East German surveillance state mentality.
A lieutenant colonel for the Stasi East German’s – based upon his experience – agrees. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who grew up in Stasi Germany – says the NSA is exactly the same. Top American constitutional experts also say that the Obama and Bush administration are worse than theStasi East Germans.
Senior NSA official Bill Binney – the senior technical director within the agency who headed NSA’s global digital data gathering program and managed thousands of NSA employees – is an expert on Soviet spying.


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