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Babies on psychiatric drugs: crime with no punishment

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 14:47 Written by

Here is typical, circumspect, utter bs reporting from the mainstream:

“For the most vulnerable foster children, those less than 1 year old, foster children were nearly twice as likely to be prescribed a psychiatric drug compared to non-foster children.” (ABC News, November 30, 2011)

“Experts are also beginning to question the accuracy of diagnoses such as bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses in children, especially in foster children who may not always have access to comprehensive mental health services.” (ABC News, November 30, 2011)

The truth is, one baby, one child on psychiatric drugs is a

America The Movie

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 05:56 Written by

Facebook Unaware Of Cannabis Group Teaching Dangerous Illegal Method

Tuesday, 15 July 2014 00:42 Written by

By: Internet Deputy Steve Phillips

33,000 members and growing, the Facebook group "Cannabis Oil Success Stories" (COSS) endorses and teaches dangerous method in making cannabis oil.

COSS is flooded with terminally ill people that are seeking a cure by using cannabis oil since the word is out that cannabis is the cure for many illnesses including cancer, Lyme disease and epilepsy.

The founder and moderator of COSS, Jon Marsh is religiously teaching and supporting the Rick Simpson method of producing the cannabis oil otherwise known as RSO which requires 190 proof alcohol to extract the THC and CBD from the cannabis plant. The method of making the RSO is flammable and requires fans and a well-ventilated room to prevent a possible but likely explosion if not properly managed. There has been serious injuries from people using this method but in many cases this is not reported due to the illegal nature of cannabis.

May 6, 2014 New York Post ran a story called “Colorado’s pot boom leads to rash of cannabis oil explosions” which highlights the dangers if RSO.

In June 2014, Internet Deputy’s Steve Phillips investigated several cases regarding injuries related to making RSO and came across  Kathy Stimson from Austin Texas who said her son Todd was in a severe explosion while making the RSO and that her son Todd spent a lot of time on COSS and was excited about making RSO for his Lyme disease.

Miss Stimson was not home at the time of the accident but quoted, “Todd could not call an ambulance due to the fear that he would be arrested for possession of the cannabis. In the midst of his excruciating pain, Todd decided to drive himself to the hospital but lost control of his car and hit a telephone pole and today is in a wheelchair”.

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