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LA School Teaching Children Islam Faith

Saturday, 22 November 2014 22:15 Written by

Apparently you can teach Islam but not Christianity??? Wake up people, the country IS being invaded by Islamic Radicals who wish to indoctrinate our children!

Drowning Infant Saved by Two Strangers

Saturday, 22 November 2014 22:02 Written by
Icy Crash Leaves Infant Drowning in Frigid Water Until Two Strangers Stepped Up In An Incredible Way
A three-month-old infant girl would have drowned after a terrible car crash, if two passers-by hadn’t selflessly stepped in to save the child.
The accident happened Monday, when Stephen McGouldrick suddenly lost control of his SUV while driving on an icy road. McGouldrick’s car barreled off the road and flipped over, tumbling into a frigid pool of water.

Thousands of Lois Lerner Emails found!

Saturday, 22 November 2014 19:43 Written by
Federal watchdogs uncover thousands of lost Lerner emails, decoding to take weeks
Published November 22, 2014 -
Thousands of Lois Lerner's missing emails uncovered
As many as 30,000 lost emails from Lois Lerner -- the ex-IRS official at the center of the agency's targeting scandal -- have been recovered by federal investigators.
The IRS has already turned over thousands of Lerner emails to congressional investigators but has said the remainder are gone forever because Lerner’s hard-drive crashed in 2011. And in June, agency Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress that back-up tapes containing the missing emails had been destroyed.  

Ferguson Grand Jury Fails to Reach Decision on Indictment

Saturday, 22 November 2014 19:40 Written by
Ferguson Grand Jury Fails to Reach Decision on Indictment
November 22, 2014 By Greg Campbell
In a move that appears to be calculated to pacify rioters who have promised violence if Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted for his role in the shooting death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson Grand Jury has announced that they have been unable to come to an agreement on the indictment.
The grand jury left the justice center in St. Louis, Missouri, late Friday without having reached a decision on whether to indict Wilson who reportedly shot a robbery suspect, Michael Brown, when Brown attacked the officer.

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Teacher Forces 14yr Old Girl Into Pool

Saturday, 22 November 2014 19:21 Written by

Something Disturbing Happened After a Teen Told Her P.E. Teacher She Wasn’t Getting In the Pool
A disturbing 90-second video caught by a student shows one of their peers being forcefully dragged into a swimming pool by Denny Peterson, a P.E teacher of 10 years.
Numerous times during the incident, the girl can be heard screaming that her bikini top was coming off, but Peterson replies by saying “that’s alright” as he continues to pull her.

Outrage: Drug Cartels Kill 43 Students in Mexico

Saturday, 22 November 2014 17:13 Written by

Colorado School Changes Pledge to One Nation Under ‘Allah’?

Saturday, 22 November 2014 03:11 Written by
Colorado School Changes Pledge to One Nation Under ‘Allah’?
November 21, 2014 By Deanna Johnson
There have many controversies regarding the Pledge of Allegiance, but this Colorado School has gone too far.  
In the name of Allah!, What were they thinking?!?
A Colorado high school principal is defending his decision to allow students from a cultural club to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — and denied that it was attempt to push an Islamic agenda.Tom Lopez, the principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, told Fox News he has received a number of telephone calls and emails from outraged parents – but he stands by his decision.

New Cannabis Franchise Might Take Over Market

Sunday, 30 November 2014 14:00 Written by

 by Internet Deputy Kevin Phelps
How is it that a cannabis franchise can open up when cannabis is still a class 1 drug? Things are either not what they seem or the company "Canna Paste" is pushing the envelope. Are things moving that fast? We all know cannabis futures are exploding but what makes the company Canna Paste worthy of stepping off the curb onto the busy franchise highway?

After spending the day with Brad Morehouse founder of Canna Paste my eyes were opened to some very interesting facts. It seems that the whole world is stuck in a primitive or obsolete method in making cannabis oils and butter. The so called RSO or Cannabis oil is made with toxic solvents or at best 190 proof alcohol which is extremely flammable and dangerous to make. Over the years there have been several news reports of serious injuries from such explosions. Morehouse says the ignorance of such methods have actually discredited the medical value of cannabis in the public view.

Canna Paste and New Cure are the first two companies to manufacture cannabis paste which is the most natural and effective form of cannabis. Your choice of coconut oil, olive oil or vegetable glycerin cooked by a low temperature canning method. Just like canning vegetables and fruits but at 180F for 10 and a half hours. That seems all safe and natural but wait until you get a look at the profit margin of this new method. It is standard knowledge that the cannabis oil (solvent) method creates 3 months of supply per pound of raw cannabis. Depending where you buy it the raw cannabis will run between $2,700.00 to $5,000.00 per pound. Many cancer, epilepsy or lyme patients cannot afford this since it's NOT covered by insurance. Amazingly, Cannabis paste on the other hand is 1,667% more efficient to make compared to the oil. One pound of cannabis makes 32 months of supply. That is 1,667% more THC and CBD per pound. This makes it over ten times more affordable for the consumer. You might ask how can this be true? Simply look at it this way, when making the oil you have one pound of cannabis to start with and end up with only 2 oz of oil/solvent. Where did the other 14 oz go? Right into the trash can. Someone had to be really stoned to create that method.

Some critics say you must have a strong dose (concentrated) to kill off the cancer but the proof in the pudding is if you were to take 2.4 grams of the paste you will be singing "Dream On" by Aerosmith on the top of your lungs. Well hopefully not but you get the point. 2.4 grams a day x 31 = 1 jar or one months' supply. There is no reason to concentrate the cannabis as our bodies assimilate the cannabinoids just like eating spinach.

Interesting fact. Florida legislative law recently added the words "paste or oil" to the low THC Charlotte's Web law for epilepsy.
Interesting enough, besides the medical benefits, the recreational users are also finding the paste to be a preferred choice. Seems that smoking cannabis lasts only 2 to 3 hours but the paste lasts 8 to 12 hours.

Currently you cannot patent marijuana or cannabis methods, so Canna Paste did the next best thing and trademarked Cannabis Paste and Canna Paste. Since 2010, has created products using the phrase cannabis paste, marijuana paste, Canna Lite, Canna Wake and Canna Sleep.

For information about Cannabis Paste V.S Cannabis Oil visit:



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