By Judson Berger
Speech in Saudi Arabia? $300,000. 
Speech in Austria? $500,000. 
Speech in Hong Kong? $750,000. 
And those are just a few of the windfalls banked by Bill and Hillary Clinton since each has left their respective office. 
For Hillary, the wealth factor could loom just as large in a potential 2016 White House bid as lingering questions about her handling of the Benghazi attack or dredged-up controversies from the Clinton White House days. But at issue is not just the net worth of the former first family -- but how they made that money. The Clintons have amassed a fortune on a ‘profession’ that few Americans can relate to. 
Simply put, it is the house that talking built. 
"[Clinton] thinks 'hard work' is giving speeches because she's a Clinton. There aren't many/any Americans who can identify with that," Republican National Committee spokesman Raffi Williams said. 
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