Facebook Tries To Stop #WalkAway March!
Bans Brandon Straka Until After His Planned Washington March! #WalkAwayToHubbook Offers Platform To Help Straka
By: Jake Fogg

Brandon Straka has been banned from Facebook for sharing the fact that he would be appearing on Alex Jones's InfoWars. The severe punishment is to last until after Straka's planned march on Washington later in October, only one week before the mid term elections. 

In recent months the Social Media giant has taken a hard-line stance against many high-profile members from the conservative community. Straka is particularly unique in that he only recently came from the left after he realized that the Democrat party is not the "inclusive" party it claims to be. On the contrary the party has been taken over by hard leftists who have no interest in allowing open political discourse without violence. 

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Saturday, 16 December 2017 19:24

Trump's FCC Rolls Back Communism

Trump's FCC Rolls Back Communist Censorship
Orwellian "Net Neutrality" Gone! 

By: Jake Fogg

Thursday, December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) voted to overturn the Obama Administration’s highly touted “Net Neutrality”, thus deregulating the internet once again.

Originally sold as a way to ensure “equal content” and prevent “evil corporations” from throttling broadband speeds based on various

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