YouTube Admits Its Disdain For Free Speech By Deleting Press Conference Video
Causes Internet Deputy News To Offer Site To All Freedom Loving Video Creators
By:Jake Fogg 

 It is said that the right to bear arms insures the freedom speech, but YouTube has decided against both. Cody Wilson,   publisher of 3-D printed gun plans, has been censored by the court, and now by YouTube, who banned a press conference   video (shown in this article) from his account.  

 According to Washington Free Beacon, Wilson said that the video-sharing platform banned the video which announced that   he would be selling the gun blueprints as well as a fundraising for his continuing legal battle over the publication of the   same blueprints.

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YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, "Blacks Must Know Their Place!"
Attack On ALL Conservatives Prompts Call For New Social Media Site!

 By:Jake Fogg

Candace Owens posted a video on her You Tube channel “Red Pill Black” on September 1, 2017 that outlined her treatment by Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter regarding a previous video release in which she was censured.

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