An Oregon federal judge ruled June 24 that 13 Muslim Americans who challenged the federal government’s no-fly list in a lawsuit were denied a constitutional right to travel. Additionally, the court found that the plaintiffs had no way of challenging their inclusion on the list.

This is the first time that a federal court has ruled that the government’s mandated procedure for appealing inclusion on the no-fly list is unconstitutional.
The experience of the 13 Muslims who brought the complaint against the federal government serves as a cautionary tale for all Americans who have found or will find themselves blacklisted in one way or another by an increasingly intolerant federal authority.
According to a report issued by the FBI last year, there are 20,000 names on the no-fly list, and 500 of those people are American citizens. That agency has become adept at using one’s presence on that list as a way of coercing him to join the amateur domestic spying corps by snooping on members of a community and reporting back to the bureau.
The Stasi would be very proud.
As you read the following account of the mistreatment of the complainants provided by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), remember that when a government is permitted to persecute the members of one religious group, they will sooner or later assert that same authority over other faiths when they feel justified.
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