Tuesday, 26 September 2017 18:36

NFL Politics To Deny Opportunities for Blacks!

NFL Politics To Deny Opportunities for Blacks!
Football Organization And Leftists Inavertently Conspire Against  African-Americans By Alienating Fans

By: Jake Fogg

NFL players who have decided to “take a knee” in leftist protest, show disrespect for the American Flag and the National Anthem for a cause that may ultimately end up eating itself. Supporters of this so-called movement claim to stand for free speech and civil rights .

However, these agents of group think, actually contradict themselves, show ignorance, and contribute to the potential demise or reduction of million-dollar opportunities for many blacks.  In essence, their use of the playing field as a stage for protest, actually may result in the undermining of the protest itself and the destruction of the NFL.

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