Twitter Bans Journalist for Posting Pic of Founding Document
Twitter Insider Confirms and Gives Ominous Warning About Tech Giant 
By: Internet Deputy Writer 

Twitter banned a user for posting an image of a section of the United States Declaration of Independence according to Twitter insider. Two weeks ago, journalist Jason Fogg, opened the Twitter app on his smart phone only to find that he had been banned from using Twitter in any way.

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Twitter CEO Finally Admits What The World Has Known! 
Dorsey's Interview With Podcaster Shows His Anti-First Amendment Stance 
By:Jake Fogg 

In a reversal on his previous position, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey somewhat told the truth during a podcast with Sam Harris regarding his blocking and banning of those with whom he disagrees.

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Twitter Threatens To Silence Trump Amid 2018 Campaign Battle
Politico Cites Mystery "Trump Critics" While Showing Support For Censorship 

By: Jake Fogg

In an interview with Politico, yesterday Twitter warned that even President Donald Trump could be banned for abusive behavior.  CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s legal and policy chief Vijaya Gadde were in a side-by-side discussion with the leftist news organization.

Twitter’s rules against vitriolic statements, which generally lean against users on the right, offer a little leeway to public leaders because their statements are considered as newsworthy, but according to Vijaya Gadde, “it is not a blanket exception for the president or anyone else.”

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