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Google Caught Bullying Employees--AGAIN!

Google Caught Bullying Employees--AGAIN!
Leaked Internal Communications Show Culture of Hate Continues To Thrive 
By:Jake Fogg 

Despite its attempt to appear unbiased, Google continues to assert otherwise as the company’s leftist management and staff behavior threatens employees on the right. In fact, the company’s reaction to frequent leaks demonstrates solidly its overall disdain for those who hold a different view from the left.

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Germany- Free Speech Gone! Facebook, Twitter Celebrate
New "Hate Speech" Law Silences High Profile Law Maker on First Day!
By:Jake Fogg 

In yet another step toward communism, Germany’s recent “hate speech” law went into effect on January 1st and has already been used against a political opponent of the law-makers in power on social media.

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