Bizapedia Practices:Ruining Lives,Coercion, Privacy Invasion
Investigation Shows Listing Company Invades Privacy, Destroys Reputations, And Misleads People to Buy Accounts To "Fix" False Information

By: Jake Fogg

In the world of ecommerce, businesses struggle with the costs and techniques involved in the various ways of getting their names to stand out in a sea of domain names and product slogans.

Add to the struggle, the ability for a few simple keystrokes from the wrong person, and a long-strived for reputation can often end up in tatters and possibly even destroy a business.

Companies pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to have their businesses promoted or listed on business listing sites.

In spite of having customer reviews, the companies that list these businesses usually have a way to ensure that most of the information is positive. 

But what happens when one of these listing companies engages in poor business practices that have an impact contrary to the stated purpose? Or, what if it posts outright false or private information about individuals who aren’t even a customer?

Bizapedia is one such company that has partaken in the aforementioned bad business practices. It has been in operation, and relied upon by thousands of businesses over the last six years only to be exposed as a “scam” that organizations should stay far away from.  This company is so corrupt that even private citizens should monitor its listings regularly even if they have never done business with the company.

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